Guitar Vibrato

A software to develop vibrato on guitar

Guitar vibrato gives life to your music . Learn how to develop vibrato on guitar..

Vibrato technique is very important. It gives to your playing expression, feeling, soul. Without vibrato your solos would sound dead. Don't take it for granted, mastering vibrato technique requires practice as other guitar techniques. All great guitar players have their own vibrato, that makes their sound expressive and recognizable.

The Tartini Project

In this article I'd like to tell you about a very cool software I discovered, it is called Tartini. Tartini is a work from a research group of University of Otago, New Zealand. Basically is a free downloadable software that performs music analysis. It analyzes in real time the input from your microphone and visualizes a lot of useful information, such as tuning, intonation, loudness, and, of course, vibrato shape. Have a look to the picture below:

software to develop vibrato on guitar

As you can see in the picture, Tartini provides a visual feedback of your guitar vibrato, making you more aware rhythm imprecisions and amplitude discontinuities. This feature is really awesome! You can plug in your guitar and analyze your vibrato shape.

Behind Tartini software there is a strong research work in the audio analysis field. If you are skilled in this field or you'd like to discover more, here's the research group page. There are also some scientific papers published in international conferences.

Here's the link to the download page.

Wait a minute! Who the hell is Tartini?

Good question! Giuseppe Tartini was an italian composer and violin player. I suppose he mastered very well the vibrato technique! Here's one on his most famous musical compositions, "Il Trillo del Diavolo" (The Trill of the Devil)

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