10 songs with 6 guitar chords

Songs with C major, G major, F major, A minor, E minor, D minor

Moving into the territory of six chord songs, now we have another minor to add to our playing. The are now all apart of our music vocabulary! Of course with this extra minor we are often going to be dealing with songs that are going to be a little more on the serious side. Love, loss, introspection, and sadness are much easier to express with the addition of the D minor chord.

Chords you need to know:

guitar chords for beginners songs: C G F major, A E D minor

Barrè tip:If you find difficult playing the F major chord with full barrè (133211) you can always play it like this: XX3211

There’s Something About Mary

In the hit movie There's Something About Mary, the musician Jonathon Richman is a part of a Greek chorus, the purpose being to comment on the action occurring in the play or movie. With this great song he explains the plot of the movie and gets you tapping your foot at the same time! Despite its melancholy vibe, this tune is actually fun and always a crowd pleaser. Before playing this song practice playing just E minor to D minor back and forth, this will be the intro and segue into the rest of the tune.
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Where Do You Go to My Lovely

Peter Sarstedt was a one hit wonder back in 1969 with this song. The 2007 Wes Anderson film The Darjeeling Limited used his tune bringing him back into the limelight briefly. He recently passed away (in January 2017) so it only seems fitting to include this gem on our list. This traditional sounding folk tune/love song is easy for any guitar player who knows these chords.
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Let It Be

Of course we always come back to the Beatles , the album titled after this song was released a month after they broke up. Despite being recorded while the band was disintegrating this is definitely one of their best known songs. Interestingly you will find this song listed in four chord song lists, especially because the main verse follows the Axis of Awesome chord progression. However, adding the D minor into the end of the words "let it be" really makes the song all the better. This is a good example of how some songs can be played simply, yet are enhanced as we learn our chords.
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Like A Rolling Stone

Many listeners wonder if this famous Bob Dylan song was written about Edie Sedgwick, one of the members of Andy Warhol's group in the 60's. It’s one of Dylan’s most famous songs, and like much of his early work, not too hard to play. Ironically the record company representing him at the time almost didn’t release it because it had a "heavy electric" sound. Hearing that now seems pretty crazy, but it was a big deal when he went electric.
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Here I Go Again

Recorded by the British rock band Whitesnake, this song is on many 80’s greatest hits lists. It works great for an acoustic or electric guitar, remember to always play the chorus much louder and harder than the verse!
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It Never Rains in Southern California

One of the interesting factoids about this Albert Hammond song is that the band playing in the back ground was the Wrecking Crew. For anyone truly interested in rock history if you haven’t heard of the Wrecking Crew, read the link above, these session musicians contributed to so many songs it is quite amazing! They were the best of the best when it came to being a musician.
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Summer Song

This hit by Chad and Jeremy has that perfect summertime vibe. It’s uplifting yet reminiscent of a lost summer romance. A great example of how the addition of multiple minor chords can really change the mood of song. Notice the verse is all in the major chords and only in the chorus do we hear the minor, an interesting contrast.
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Just Like a Woman

This song is a personal favorite of mine, I find it to be a great acoustic song to play at coffee shop gigs. It was released on Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde album in 1966. It changes chords rather quickly so it will take some practice, but in the end it is well worth it!
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The Boxer

This song by Simon and Garfunkel reportedly took over 100 hours to record and produce! Using such instruments as pedal steel guitar and piccolo trumpet, it is a masterpiece. Once you know the basic six chords in the Key of C you can make your own beautiful renditions of this on acoustic guitar (there is a Dm7 thrown in there, just to keep you on your toes!). A version of this song was recently played on the radio show Prairie Home Companion and is worth a listen!
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Yellow Submarine

After including many Beatles songs on our past lists, it's only right to have one sung by Ringo Starr! This is of course a well known Beatles song that everyone can sing along too! I end the list with this song to show that minor chords don’t always have to be sad sounding.
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of this lesson series, we will see how our possibility can expand by adding 2 new chords, Eb and Bb.

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