Interviewing Tim Robinson

Hello Tim, could you please tell us something about you?

I started guitar at age 11, where I had some classical guitar lessons but didn’t really take to it. I got an electric guitar at age 13 to play rock - Hendrix, Led Zep, that sort of thing. When I was 17 I had some lessons in ragtime and folk guitar which I still enjoy playing today. At the age of 18 I became interested in Jazz and Gypsy Jazz, in which I am self taught.

Nowadays the web is full of resources and useful guitar-related stuff. In your opinion, is it possible to become a good self-taught guitar player? Or it's mandatory, at least at the beginning, to learn from a real teacher?

Yes I do think it is possible to be completely self-taught although I think it is wise to get some initial lessons from a good teacher to point you in the right direction. They could advise about technique and how to avoid bad habits which would be difficult to shift once they become ingrained.

What do you think about skype lessons and the like? Do they work? Do you usually give remote lessons?

I have given Skype lessons. I think they work ok but lack the intimacy of a one to one lesson which I definitely prefer.

Free youtube videos or well-established pay websites such as Guitartricks or Jamplay?

I think there is room for all types of content - youtube, pay sites, “academy” style sites. The wide variety of content available on the web is really amazing these days.

Do you have some favorites software or apps that you use in your daily teaching/practice? Could you name a few?

The main software I use are:

For transcribing:
Transcribe! (for desktop)
AnyTune Pro+ (for iPhone/iPad)

For notation/tab:
Notion (for both desktop and iPad)

Logic Pro X

Please give a hint to the guitar learners

Learn chords and arpeggios and scales. Learn about chord construction (Firsts, thirds, fifths etc.). Listen to lots and lots of music and learn to transcribe your favourite players by ear!

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