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This exercise is really useful to develop left and right hands coordination. It's a classic, you can find it online several variations but at its core, it consists of a series of chromatic notes on each one of the strings, up and down.

Here are some tips you should follow when practicing this exercise:

  • Always use one only finger for fret. The index will take care of the notes on fret 5, the middle finger of the notes of fret 6, the ring will press fret 7, and the pinkie will press fret 8.
  • Use strictly alternate picking. In the tab, the U means "upstroke", the D means "downstroke"
  • Practice a slow speed, take your time. The important thing is to play slow and perfect

Enjoy this exercise, if you practice it some minutes a day your finger agility and coordination will improve a lot, trust me!

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