Guitar Fretboard Theory Lessons

Learn note names, intervals, inversions, chords construction

fretboard tutorialsThe number 1 advice for those who want to transition from beginner to advanced level: learn your fretboard! With the resources in this section, you'll learn how to navigate the fretboard fluently, how to find note names, intervals, inversion and guitar triads. Probably the most appreciated part of this whole site. Plus, access to the free download area and grab the fretboard navigation diagrams

Guitar Music Theory | How Chords Are Constructed

guitar music theory

In this lesson, we're going to shed light on guitar music theory: How to combine intervals to create chords on the fly all along the neck. Free Pdf Ebook and Interactive Learning Tool included!.

Guitar Notes | How To Learn The Fretboard

Guitar Fretboard Notes | Complete Tutorial

This guitar tutorial will teach you all you need to know about guitar notes: the fretboard note names, strings, frets, octaves and more. Free pdf diagrams and interactive guitar software included..

Guitar Triads | Structure, shapes, how to extend them

guitar tutorial thumbnail image

Learning guitar triads will expand greatly your fretboard knowledge. In this tutorial, we're going to learn the 4 main types of triads, how to construct them, and the fretboard shapes for playing triads up and down the neck..

Guitar Fretboard Chart | Free Neck Diagrams Pdf

Guitar Fretboard Chart | Free Neck Diagrams Pdf article icon

Here's a pdf chart of the guitar fretboard notes that you can download for free. It contains the neck notes diagrams for each musical key, with natural, sharps and flats names. This chart is a great aid for learning guitar theory and fretboard navigation..

Improve your fretboard knowledge with one simple exercise

Improve your fretboard knowledge with one simple exercise article icon

In this article you'll learn an amazing, quick and simple exercise that will completely turn upside-down your fretboard knowledge, and improve the way you play guitar. It's all about breaking the cage of a vertical vision of the fretboard..

Fretboard Navigation Tricks

Fretboard Navigation Tricks article icon

In this Q&A post 11 guitar experts share their strategies to manage the guitar fretboard. Discover different approaches and tricks to facilitate fingerboard navigation.

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