Guitars, amps and effects

How to choose your axe and your gear

guitar gear lessonsWe guitarists have a huge arsenal at own disposal. Guitars, amps, pedal effects and a number of other electronic devices. Also, we have to take care of our gear. On this page you find tutorials for choosing your guitar and gear.

How to Make a Guitar Amp Sound Better | Tips for perfect tone

This tutorial gives you some tips for getting a good tone for you amp. We're going to talk about equalization, pedal effects, amp position, speakers and even cables length. Check it out.

Lap steel guitar

This article is all about lap steel guitars: learn the proper technique and how to convert your old guitar in a poor man's, but fun, lap steel guitar.

Ancient guitars: how guitars looked like 4000 years ago?

This article shows you some instruments considered as the ancestors of modern guitars: the oud, the tanbur and the qin-pipa..

How to intonate a guitar

This guide covers all you need to know about how to check and fix your electric guitar's intonation .

What guitar pedals should I get?

This articles shows you what are the essential guitar pedals: Noise Gate, booster, equalizer, flanger, delay, chorus, reverb, compressor, distorsion, overdrive, phaser, harmonizer, octaver and tremolo.

How to choose your first guitar

Time to choose your first guitar? Don't buy it before reading this guide. Action, intonation, woods, neck, body, tuners, electronics, you should know all this stuff for a great deal!.

How to Find a Good Guitar for Beginners

If it’s a cool new electric guitar you crave, then here’s how you can find one for reasonably cheap..

Guitar Parts Names | Know The Parts Of Electric Guitar

In this lesson, we're going to learn the guitar parts names, how they work and how to take care of your instrument. You'll learn how an electric guitar is built, the name of its body, neck and headstock parts, and how the pickups produce sounds..

Tube guitar preamp: multi-channels and programmable guitar preamps

Here's an introduction on the different kinds of tube guitar preamps: multi-channels and programmable guitar preamps. Learn the differences and peculiarities..

What is a guitar amplifier?

Here starts our understanding vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. We start from the very beginning. What is a guitar amplifier? Learn the different kinds of guitar amplifiers..

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