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Guitar rhythm strumming patterns

Make your audience feel the rhythm: learn how to strum chords on guitar with rhythm patterns, beat and syncopation. Read more.

How to play 4 chords song on guitar

In this series you'll learn how to play a number of songs on guitar with just four easy chords.. Read more.

A lesson with John March, Ted Greene’s dedicated student

The past week I had the honor and the pleasure to take a lesson with John March, Ted Greene’s dedicated student. Here's what happened. Read more.

Life against the Odds : The Story of Jason Becker

The story of the guitarist Jason Becker: hard work and resilience that take the talent and forge it into something of transcendence. "We live thinking we will never die, we die thinking we have never lived. Cut it out!". Read more.

Best Online Guitar Lessons Review

Find the best online electric and acoustic guitar lessons at Fachords Guitar Tools. A definitive list of the top guitar training resources.. Read more.

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