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How to write your chord progressions

Writing a song is simply a creative building process. Here are some suggestion to help you create your own chord progressions. Read more.

How to make your chord progressions more interesting

We are going to continue our discussion of chord progressions, diving into some more complicated concepts with our chords: secondary dominant, substitution, modulation. Read more.

Best Online Guitar Lessons Review

Find the best online electric and acoustic guitar lessons at Fachords Guitar Tools. A definitive list of the top guitar training resources.. Read more.

Chord Progressions | The Nashville Number System

Before we get into some of the basic chord progressions in modern music, let's discuss some points on notation. The Nashville Numbering System is a method of denoting chord letter symbols by using roman numerals. For example let’s say we take one of the more common progressions known as the I-IV-V, or the 1-4-5. Read more.

Guitar rhythm strumming patterns

Make your audience feel the rhythm: learn how to strum chords on guitar with rhythm patterns, beat and syncopation. Read more.

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