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Welcome to Fachords! Gianca from Italy here, guitar player and software engineer.

Here you can find beginner and intermediate guitar lessons, free guitar software apps and other useful learning resources for your practice.

I put many efforts to create all the stuff and I'm sure you'll find something useful on these pages.

Enjoy your stay here!

free ebook guitar chords charts

84 Guitar scales and arpeggios patterns

full details

free ebook exotic guitar scales charts

40 Exotic Guitar Scales Patterns

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free ebook exotic guitar scales charts

276 Guitar Chords - Essential Reference

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A nice story about chords, scales and feelings:

Once Andres Segovia was sitting in silent as he watched Django Reinhardt improvise on some famous standard jazz tunes; he was so impressed that he asked Django where he could get the sheet music for those awesome tunes he had just played. Django is said to have replied "Oh I have never played from a piece of sheet music in my life, I just improvise".

I don't know if this conversation really happened, but it is a nice story of two great guitar players that will be remembered forever. To make this long story short, as Metallica would say, "eat, sleep, play guitar. Nothing else matters!"

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