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Hi there! I'm Gianca from Italy, I'm a guitar teacher and a software engineer. I originally created this site to be a tool for my students, and now it's available, for free, to anyone looking to get better at guitar. Here you'll find interactive learning software, guitar browser games, video lessons, pdf ebooks and tutorials. Enjoy your stay here!

  • Learn how to memorize the fretboard notes and geometry
  • Play scales, chords, arpeggios freely up and down the neck
  • Improve your inner ear: recognize instinctively chords and intervals
  • Learn how to practice guitar in the most fun and effective way

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Chords, scales and theory ebooks, ear training mp3 sets and more

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fachords guitar software member " Hi Gianca!! Great site brother!! It must feel great knowing that your spirit of sharing and making learning guitar fun for so many students who would otherwise not be able to learn guitar, become serious players and students. Music shall always remain the one master key to every heart on the planet. " - Rob, United States read more

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chords and scales ebook free download

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Online Guitar Lessons Guide

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