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Welcome to Fachords! Benvenuto!

Hi there! Gianca from Italy here. I'm a guitar teacher and a software engineer.

Here you can find beginner and intermediate guitar lessons, free guitar software and plenty of useful guitar resources.

I created this website to share the knowledge I've learnt in 15+ years of guitar playing and coding.

"Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality!" Dalai Lama

fachords admin

I put many efforts to create all the stuff and I'm sure you'll find something useful on these pages. By the way, my favourite guitar scale is the Neapolitan minor, of course!

Enjoy your stay here!

About this site...

Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons

In the lessons page, you'll find some lessons for beginner and intermediate guitar players. Electric guitar parts, right posture, tuning, basic chords and simple chord progressions. Then you'll learn about scales (minor pentatonic and blues), picking speed, fingerpicking, and much more.

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Online Guitar Software

For my guitar students, I developed some online software tools to learn and practice guitar. Students liked them very much so I thought to share and make them available for free to the guitar community. Now I'm very happy that a lot of subscribers use them on a daily basis.

In the Guitar Software section you'll find useful tools to memorize the fretboard, learn chords and scales patterns, practice interval and chords ear training, chords progressions and much more. If you have any idea about new software tools, just write me!

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Free Chords and Scales Ebooks

I created some free guitar pdf ebooks to download. They'll teach you chords, scales and a bit of theory helpful to understand how intervals work on the freboard.

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Recommended Resources

My free lessons, tools and ebooks will keep you busy for quite a while, but if you want new things to learn, or you need a comprehensive step-by-step guitar course from beginner to advanced level, I collected for you a list of useful resources that will help you to become a better musician.

Books, sites and DVDs, tons of high quality guitar knowledge for your practice.

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A nice story about chords, scales and feelings:

Once Andres Segovia was sitting in silent as he watched Django Reinhardt improvise on some famous standard jazz tunes; he was so impressed that he asked Django where he could get the sheet music for those awesome tunes he had just played. Django is said to have replied "Oh I have never played from a piece of sheet music in my life, I just improvise".

I don't know if this conversation really happened, but it is a nice story of two great musicians that will be remembered forever.

"Eat, sleep, play guitar, nothing else matters"

Has this site helped you? Say "thanks" by sharing it, I'd appreciate it!

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