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Welcome! Online Guitar Lessons and Learning Tools

online guitar lessons and software tools

Welcome to Fachords! Gianca from Italy here, guitarist and software engineer.

Here you can find online guitar lessons, chords and scales ebooks, free software apps and learning resources for your guitar practice.

Hope you'll like Fachords Online Guitar Lessons and Learning Tools. I put many efforts to build it, develop the tools, and create all the stuff.

I'd really like to hear from you, please write me or drop a comment below , for questions, feedback, greetings or anything else.

Enjoy your stay here!

Online Guitar Lessons and Learning Resources

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Enjoy these online video lessons, courtesy of the leading guitar lessons sites. A lot of different topics are covered, at all levels: beginner guitarists, intermediate, advanced concepts. Blues improvisation, harmony, exercises to improve technique, right and left hands coordination, and more. Also, you can study different genres and styles, and learn about style of artists such as Angus Young, James Hetfield, Keith Richards.
Don't forget to take a look also at the Learning Resources section, with tutorials, teachers interviews with great advice, articles about the best guitar and music related software and other stuff.

Free Online Guitar Software Tools

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I developed a set of online tools to help the learning process. At first they have been created for my own music practice, but then I thought they were worth to share. All the tools run in the browser and does not require to install anything, just use a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Want to learn scales and arpeggios? chords position? Practice interval ear training? Chords recognition? Improve picking speed? You should use Fachords Guitar Tools. Want to memorize the notes of the fretboard, while having fun? Try out the Fretboard Trainer Game, there is also a leaderboard with more than one hundred players, it will be very hard to reach the top of the chart!

Free Scales and Chords Pdf Ebooks To Download

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I created some free pdf ebooks in order to help students: "84 Guitar Scales And Arpeggios Patterns", in which you can learn a good amount of scales patterns in different shapes and fretboard positions. Major, harmonic minor, melodic, whole-tone, diminished, triads arpeggios are covered, with many other sequences and arpeggios types. "40 Exotic Guitar Scales Patterns" will teach you the strangest and most exotic sounds, showing you unusual musical sequences such as indian, arabian, byzantine, neapolitan, enigmatic, and others. On the "276 Guitar Chords" ebooks you can find different kinds of chords fingerings: open positions, movable shapes, triads, and many other. Finally, the "Chords Construction Theory" ebook will help you to learn that chords are not immutable shapes to memorize, but you can build them at fly assembling intervals in every part of the fretboard.

A little story about music theory, chords, scales, technique and music feelings:

Once Andres Segovia was sitting in silent as he watched Django Reinhardt improvise on some famous standard jazz tunes; he was so impressed that he asked Django where he could get the sheet music for those awesome tunes he had just played. Django is said to have replied "Oh I have never played from a piece of sheet music in my life, I just improvise".

I don't know if this conversation really happened, but it is a nice story of two great guitar players that will be remembered forever. To make this long story short, as Metallica would say, "eat, sleep, play guitar. Nothing else matters!"

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