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Guitar Chords Library: introduction

Welcome to our Guitar Chords Online Dictionary. On the web, you can find lots of chord diagrams, but this guitar chords library is different: it shows you how the proper way to place your fingers to play a given chord, but also tells you the name of the notes that compose that chord, and even the tones of the chord!

Having this kind of information laid out in a single diagram is incredibly helpful in learning how to construct chords, how to create your own shapes, and mastering music theory.

This chords library is perfect for guitar beginners that are looking for easy chords shapes. Still, it's also useful for more advanced guitar players, as it contains challenging fingerings with stretches and bar positions.

Chord Structure

Each chord comes with a diagram similar to the one below, that shows you exactly the intervals in the chord. In the example below, we see a structure with the Root, a Major Third, and a Perfect Fifth; thus we are talking of a major chord.


Chord Note Names

The name of the notes are shown and color coded (the root is always yellow, the Major Third is blue, the Fifth is purple, and so forth). This helps you internalize music intervals.


How To Read Chords Diagrams

how to read chords diagramsThe chord shape diagrams follow the standard format, showing the guitar strings vertically and the notes to be fretted. You find more details on how to read chord diagrams here.

Interactive Chords Finder and Pdf Version

guitar chords pdf

On this site, two more resources are available for those who want to learn guitar chords: we have created an online guitar chords finder that shows you the shapes interactively, with graphic and sounds.

Be sure to download the free Chords Charts Pdf, a printable ebook that you can bring always with you. Click here to download the pdf

Please click on a root note from the list below to start:

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