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guitar lessons Learning how to play the guitar is a wonderful, never-ending journey.

In the beginning, your fingers hurt and your hands are weak but don't worry: with practice you'll get better and better. We've all been through this.

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Never Picked Up a Guitar?

Congratulations on your choice! Learning to play the guitar is an awesome feeling, and I'm sure that little by little your skills will improve. Be sure to check your first guitar lesson here.

1) General Advice on Practice

  1. Effective Memorization Strategies for Guitar Players
  2. How To Plan a Guitar Practice Routine
  3. How to Practice Guitar | Guitar practice tips
  4. Guitar Practice and Natural Talent
  5. Which Tone to Use for Practice: Clean, Crunch or Distortion?
  6. Practice Without a Guitar In Hands
  7. The Most Common Difficulties For a Beginner Guitar Player
  8. The Main Challenges For The Left Hand Of A Guitar Player
  9. Guitar Pain: How To Prevent Muscle and Tendon Disorders
  10. Greatest AHA Moments
  11. Ear Training to Improve Your Musicianship
  12. 4+1 tips for Learning How to Sing While Playing Guitar
  13. How To Expand Your Vocal Range
  14. How to Play Guitar with Long Nails
  15. Is Your Mind that Drives Your Hands, or the Opposite?
  16. Too old to learn guitar?
  17. How Long does it Take to Learn Guitar?
  18. How To Improve Your Expressive Melodic Skills on Guitar
  19. How To Develop A Melody
  20. How To Use Drum Machines For Songwriting and Practice
  21. 3 Guitar Practice Tips
  22. How To Count Music To Improve Your Sense Of Time
  23. Interesting And Curious Facts in Music Theory
  24. No Time? The Only Guitar Picking Exercise You'll Ever Need

1) Beginner Level

1.1) General

  1. How To Hold a Guitar Pick
  2. A Guide to Guitar Picking Styles
  3. How To Read Guitar Tabs
  4. How to Read Music for Guitar | Chords, Scales, Staff, Strumming
  5. How to use a Metronome with Guitar

1.2) Chords

  1. How to Read Chords Diagrams
  2. How to Play Easy Open Chords
  3. 8 Guitar Chords for Beginners
  4. How To Use A Guitar Capo (Full and Partial)
  5. Chords Transition Tips
  6. How To Play Power Chords
  7. Guitar Strumming Patterns
  8. How To Improve Your Strumming Skills

1.3) Progressions

  1. Three Chords Progression: I IV V
  2. The Four Chord Progression
  3. Time Signature Beginners Guide
  4. The Most Common Chord Progressions and how to Tweak Them

1.4) Fretboard and Theory

  1. Guitar Notes | How To Learn The Fretboard
  2. Using the 3D to Understand the Fretboard Better
  3. The Reasons For The Standard Tuning And How To Deal With It
  4. Guitar Triads | Structure, shapes, how to extend them

1.5) Scales and Solos

  1. Open Minor Pentatonic: The Easiest Scale You Can Play
  2. The Major Scale: A Step-by-Step Approach To Play The Major Scale Along All The Neck
  3. How To Play Major Scales in Open Position
  4. Easy Trick to Expand The Pentatonic Scale Box
  5. The D Major Scale for Guitar
  6. Guitar Fingering: How To Fret Scales and Arpeggios
  7. How To Play Guitar Scales | The Complete Guide
  8. How To Learn Lead Guitar For Beginners
  9. Easy Guitar Solos for Beginners
  10. Greatest Guitar Riffs: Another Top Ten
  11. Diagonal Guitar Scale Patterns

1.6) Songs, Genres and Repertoire

  1. Why You Must Build Your Repertoire
  2. 50 Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners | Step-by-step list
  3. 12 Bars Blues Song Format
  4. Rockabilly Guitar: Story and Style
  5. Blue Suede Shoes: Song Analysis
  6. Playing David Bowie on the Guitar: Moonage Daydream
  7. Tell Me Something Good - Funk Song Analysis
  8. Killing Moon Song Analysis
  9. Fingerstyle Basics
  10. 7 Italian Rock Progressive Bands You Should Know

2) Intermediate Level

2.1) Chords

  1. Guitar Chords | The Ultimate Encyclopedia
  2. The Limits of Basic Chords and Why They Become Boring
  3. C Standard Major Chord Variations
  4. Dominant Guitar Chords
  5. How to Play Seventh Chords On Guitar
  6. 7 Tips to Play Bar Chords Easily
  7. Suspended Chords: Sus2, Sus4 and 7sus4
  8. Sixth Chords on Guitar
  9. Ninth Chords on Guitar
  10. Chord Inversions: Use Octaves to Create Inversions Up and Down The Fretboard
  11. How To Use Dyads (Double-Stops)
  12. 15 Intermediate Guitar Chords You Should Know

2.2) Progressions

  1. The Nashville Number System
  2. The Circle Of Fifths
  3. All Chord Type Shapes Created on the Circle Of Fifths
  4. Sad Chord Progressions: How To Write Emotional Songs
  5. Jazz Chord Progressions For Guitar Players
  6. Complete Jazz Progression Workout
  7. How To Find The Key Of a Song

2.3) Fretboard and Theory

  1. How the Guitar CAGED System Works
  2. Understanding Enharmonics: Same Sound, Different Fames
  3. Fretboard Navigation Tricks
  4. Improve your Fretboard Knowledge with One Simple Exercise
  5. Fretboard Navigation Choices: Left Or Right?
  6. Two Notes Per String Scale Patterns

2.4) Scales and Solos

  1. How to Improve Speed on Guitar
  2. The Minor Scale, also known as the Aeolian Mode
  3. Guitar Strings Bending
  4. Vibrato: How To Make Your Guitar Sing
  5. How To Play The Harmonic Minor Scale
  6. The Melodic Minor Scale: Chords and Modes
  7. The Mixolydian Scale: Hear the Power of the b7
  8. The Lydian Scale: The Joyful Magic of a Raised Fourth
  9. The Dorian Scale: Add Serious and Sad Feelings To Your Sound
  10. The Phrygian Scale: Exotic And Dark Vibes
  11. The Locrian Scale: Dissonant And Tense Feel
  12. The Harmonic Major Scale | A little known scale
  13. The Neapolitan Scale and its chords
  14. 10 Alternate Picking Exercises
  15. The Best Way To Practice Scale: Playing in Context
  16. Guitar Arpeggios
  17. 3 Notes Per String Exercise
  18. All About Hybrid Scales
  19. Improve Your Solos With Add9 Arpeggios

2.5) Songs, Genres and Repertoire

  1. Skyrocket your Creativity With a Looper Pedal
  2. How To Play Funk Guitar
  3. Introduction to Bluegrass Guitar
  4. Introduction to Ragtime guitar
  5. How To Play Country Guitar
  6. Heavy Riff Built on the B Minor Blues Pentatonic Scale
  7. Slide Guitar Essential Pointers
  8. Christmas Songs: Another Top List
  9. Blues Guitar Riff in The Style Of Lynyrd Skynyrd
  10. How To Create Guitar Riff With Triads

3) Advanced Level

3.1) Chords

  1. How To Use Chord Tones Fretboard Maps
  2. How To Transpose Guitar Chords
  3. Guitar Chord Formulas
  4. Chord Substitution for guitar players
  5. How To Play Shell Chords on Guitar
  6. Diminished Guitar Chords | Diminished Triads, Half-Diminished, Dim7th
  7. How To Move Chords Up The Neck
  8. Chord Transformation Made Simple
  9. Chord Scales | How To Build Chords from Scales

3.2) Chord Progressions

  1. How To Make Your Progressions More Interesting: Secondary Dominants
  2. Modal Chord Progression For Guitar Players
  3. How To Use Modal Interchanges To Spice Up Your Progressions
  4. Tritone Resolution for Guitar Players
  5. How Many Keys There Are? It's not 24
  6. Unusual Chords Progressions
  7. Chords in Every Key

3.3) Fretboard and Theory

  1. Guitar Music Theory | How Chords Are Constructed
  2. Fretboard Intervals Complete Diagrams
  3. Interval Inversion and The Rule of 9
  4. 10 Alternate Tunings You Should Try
  5. All Fourths Guitar Tuning

3.4) Scales and Solos

  1. Which Scale Over a Given Chord Type?
  2. Exotic Guitar Scales | Add some spice to your guitar sound
  3. Augmented Scale for Guitar
  4. The Whole Tone Scale On Guitar
  5. Superimposing Arpeggios: The Complete Reference
  6. Guitar Scale Exercise | Effective Exercises To Break The Scalar Sound
  7. How To Play Great Solos Using Chord Tones
  8. How To Play Twin Guitars Solo
  9. Learn Guitar Modes: Parallel and Relative Approach
  10. How To Solo Over a 12-Bar Blues
  11. Blues Chord Tones Exercises
  12. Shifting Pentatonics: Create New Sound With Patterns You Already Know
  13. Sweep Picking on Guitar
  14. How To Play Legato
  15. String Skipping: Play Wide Intervals
  16. Bebop Scales | Cool Jazz Scales for Guitar

3.5) Songs, Genres and Repertoire

  1. How To Write Songs On Guitar
  2. Learn Flamenco Guitar | Basic Introduction
  3. Gypsy Jazz Chords, History and techniques

4) Resources From Teachers And Live/Pro Musicians

  1. How To Record And Publish Your Music: Complete Guide
  2. How To Make Money as a Musician
  3. Digital Marketing For Guitar Teachers and Musicians
  4. Stage fright | How to Overcome It

5) Guitar Life: Interesting Facts and People

5.1) Guitar Players Bio

  1. Tosin Abasi | 8 Strings Guitar Genius
  2. Kaki King | The New Guitar Goddess
  3. Life against the Odds : The Story of Jason Becker
  4. A lesson with John March, Ted Greene’s Dedicated Student
  5. Keith Richards Open G Tuning
  6. The Father of Gipsy Jazz: Django Reinhardt
  7. Angus Young's Diabolical Riffs
  8. Paul Gilbert Tells you Why You Should Learn Guitar
  9. 20 Best All-Time Guitar Players

5.2) Just For Fun

  1. Guitar Patents: Some Bizarre and Genius Inventions
  2. Some Strange, Disturbing and Beautiful Guitar Images Generated by AI
  3. What A Navy Seal Can Teach You About Learning Guitar
  4. Who Invented Tapping on Guitar? Maybe a Doctor from Italy

5.3) Courses Reviews

  1. The Best Online Guitar Training Websites
  2. Guitar Tricks Review
  3. Jamplay Review
  4. TrueFire Review
  5. ArtistWorks Review
  6. Fender Play Review
  7. Gibson Learn And Master Review

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