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how to play guitar basics

Learning how to play the guitar is a wonderful, fulfilling, never ending journey. In the beginning your fingers hurt and your hands are weak, but don't worry, we've all been through this. Stick with it, little by little your skills will improve.

The journey to being a great guitar player is much like a road trip across the country. There are a variety of routes to take and some of the trip is exciting while other parts are just long stretches of endless highway. We could start In New York City and travel to Los Angeles by taking a direct route or wondering all about the US. Here below you find a bunch of beginner to advanced guitar tutorials, choose your path according to your level and expertise.

Learn Guitar Chords (Theory and Practice)

Step-by-step Complete Guitar Courses

Learn Scales and How To Play Solos

Guitar Practice Strategies and Routine

Guitar Fretboard Notes and Theory

Learn Songs and Genres

How To Play Chords Progressions

Ear Training: Exercises and Tools

How to Choose Your Axe and Gear

Music and Learning Software

Guitarists and stories

Free ebooks and reference pdf to download

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