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Learning how to play the guitar is a wonderful, fulfilling, never ending journey. In the beginning your fingers hurt and your hands are weak, but don't worry, we've all been through this. Stick with it, little by little your skills will improve.

how to play guitar basics The journey to being a great guitar player is much like a road trip across the country. There are a variety of routes to take and some of the trip is exciting while other parts are just long stretches of endless highway. We could start In New York City and travel to Los Angeles by taking a direct route or wondering all about the US.

In reality the best route would be one that includes some great scenery, some awesome tourist stops, yet still gets us to our destination in a reasonable time. That is the plan with our Guitar Road Map, to show you the most interesting and important aspect of guitar training along with a reasonably timed "trip" to mastering the guitar.

Learn How To Play Guitar Chords

Chords are the backbone of the songs we like to play with friends. On this page you'll find tips and strategies useful to master chords and strumming Here's one:.

To teach your hand a new chord, place your fingers on the fretboard in the right position, press a little bit more than needed, and hold the position for 20 seconds. Then release the force, pause for 10 seconds, and then press again for other 20 seconds. Do this for 5 times, your fingers will memorize the new chord in no time! Click here for more tips on chords

Learn Scales and How To Play Solos

Playing fast and screaming guitar solos is one of the more exciting thing to learn. We have created some tutorials and tools useful to improve your speed and accuracy. Remember: in order to play fast you have to practice slow, slow and perfect.

Check this page to find lessons, tutorials and software tools specifically conceived to help you improve your speed, accuracy and scales knowledge.

Guitar Practice Strategies and Routine

We can exploit the last discoveries on how the learning process works in order to make our practice better and more effective. With the contents of this section you will learn powerful strategies useful to improve your guitar skills quickly. Moreover, you'll find specific software tools useful to learn chords, scales, fretboard. Practice makes perfect, but smart practice is better! Follow this link to learn more

Learn Guitar Fretboard Theory

Learning the fretboard is definitely the best thing to do if you want to really improve your musical and improvisation skills. You'll learn how to build chords on the fly, without the need to memorize fixed shapes and patterns.

Being able to move freely up and down the neck is the best feeling you can have on the guitar! Check this page to learn more about fretboard theory, intervals, notes memorization tools and more

Learn Songs and Genres

We guitarists constantly learn new scales, strange chord fingerings, finger-twisting exercises, but at the end of the day, our guitars are made for!

In this section you find a selection of popular songs to play in front of your audience, whether is a small group of friends at the campfire or a crowded hall.

How To Play Chords Progressions

Once you have learned some chords, it's important to understand how to put them together. Chord progressions are sequences of chords that "fit well together". Each musical genre has its specific chord progressions, this is one of the reasons why we are able to distingue a flamenco songs from a blues piece.

In music, there are some theory tools that help us organize chords and keys in a logical way, such as the circle of fifths or scale degrees. In this section you'll learn how to create musical pieces by putting chords together

Ear Training: Exercises and Tools

Often overlooked, practicing ear training and improve your musical ear is one of the best strategies to get to the next level. On this guide you'll find everything you need to improve your chords and intervals recognition ability.

Here's one powerful tip from Steve Vai: "Always sing what you play on the guitar". Your aural skills will skyrocket!

Guitar Players Stories and Teachers Interviews

We have all our favorite musicians: in this section you find the biographies of great guitarists that have overcome great difficulties. Use them to inspire you and to fuel your motivation. Here you also find interviews with guitar teachers friends of this site.

How to Choose Your Axe and Gear

What kind of guitar do I need for starting learning guitar? Acoustic or electric? What kind of strings? What about amps and picks?

In this section you'll find all what you need to know for choosing the right instrument and gear for you.

Step-by-step Complete Courses:

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