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About fachords guitar lessons software Hi! Welcome here. My name is Gianca, I live in Italy, I'm a software engineer by day, guitar player by night .

Some years ago I built this site as study support for my guitar students, and now it's available, for free, to the guitar lovers worldwide community.

Back in 2013, I started FaChords Guitar. Its mission is to help guitar players improve their skills with step-by-step tutorials , free ebooks to download , interactive learning software and top learning resources recommendations , and today has reached over 15 million views worldwide .

This is my little contribution to the greater good. I always liked the following advice:

"Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality!" Dalai Lama

Is FaChords Guitar really free? What is the catch?

There is no catch, FaChords is a labor of love , with my website I can share my passion for guitar and connect with people from all around the world; so here you'll find tons of free resources (pdfs, tutorials and software).

However, visitors keep growing, and server bills are expensive; so, to keep the website free for everybody and support the project , I also offer a couple of pay ebooks: (which are awesome, judging on customers reviews :-)

Chords Domination: this ebook will help you unlock the relationship between chords and the fretboard

52 Chord Progressions: if you know some chords, but you're not sure how to connect them together, this ebook will help you a lot

How FaChords Guitar can help you:

Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished musician, here you'll find something useful for you:

1) First Time Here?

Jump to the Start Here page to get a quick introduction (including a guitar learning roadmap for those who never picked up a guitar before)

First Time Here? Start Here

2) Interactive Learning Software to learn the fretboard, scales, chords :

free guitar learning software Want to memorize the notes on the fretboard ? Learn new scale patterns? Chord shapes all over the neck? I've created some specific software tools to help you improve every aspect of guitar playing. The software is free and runs in the browser , so you don't have to download or install anything.

Go To The Interactive Guitar Software

3) Free Chords, Scales and Fretboard Ebooks :

free guitar ebooks By accessing the free download area, you can get some pdfs with scale shapes, chord charts, music theory references and more. This material will help you a lot in your guitar learning journey, guaranteed!

Download The Guitar Ebooks

4) Tutorials to improve your guitar playing :

guitar tutorials You can enjoy some in-depth tutorials that will help you understand how to create chords, fretboard navigation, how to practice most effectively, and much more. There are tutorials for all experience levels.

Enjoy the Tutorials

5) Guide to the best online lessons, strategies and tools :

best online guitar lessons For those who want a complete, professional step-by-step guitar learning system , I've created a detailed guide that will help you find the lessons that better fit your needs. The Internet is full of video lessons of all kinds; it's not easy to find what works best for you . This guide will help you find the right path and become an accomplished guitar player.

Find The Best Online Guitar Lessons For You

What Users of FaChords Guitar say:

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Dragicevic user review icon

Excellent Website

One great thing about this website is ... Wonderfull and not to count amount of musical information easy for any beginner to use and have fun. Thank you very much Mr. Gianca on your generosity indeed...!!!

clive harris user review icon

Very useful tools to help with playing…

clive harris
Very useful tools to help with playing the guitar and also free.

Ractim user review icon

FaChords is really a helpful platform…

FaChords is really a helpful platform for both guitar teachers and learners. I am a frequent visitor of it, I run a music school.

Ian Storey user review icon

I really like this guitar tool

Ian Storey
I really like this guitar tool, it’s handy and very informative as well as being well set out.

Martin Rivera user review icon

FaChords Guitar is one of the best…

Martin Rivera
FaChords Guitar is one of the best resources available today if you are really interested in learning guitar.

pg user review icon

Excellent source for guitarists

I'm an advanced guitar player and found FaChords Guitar about two years ago. For me this site is an excellent source for music theory and practise, tips and tricks, ebooks and tutorials and a lot more. All for free. A great site which I recommand wih all my heart. Thanks a lot Gianca. Greetings from Germany,Dieter

Jason user review icon

FaChords is an awesome site

FaChords is an awesome site. Gianca provides a fabulous suite of tools for learning the guitar and without a doubt, they have helped me to become a better musician. He is very generous and offers these educational tools for free, i would recommend it to anyone learning to play guitar.

Lawrence Pooley user review icon

Free with no catches

Lawrence Pooley
Great site with great learning tools and literature for free. Will reply to your emails too.

Bob C user review icon

Does a very good job of of explaining…

Bob C
Does a very good job of of explaining the ins and outs of playing the guitar. A different approach compared to other sites that deal with learning to play the guitar.

Asaph AA user review icon

Great tutorial tools!

Asaph AA
The music lessons are really down to the basic and very practical . Because of the fluency in the art of teaching, I have really learnt a lot and I have loved every bit of the tutorials. Keep up the good work and God bless. ThanksAsaph.

Pete M user review icon

FaChords Guitar Comment...

Pete M
FaChords has helped me and motivated me tremendously with chords and tips on guitar playing.

Robert user review icon

Valuable site for information beyond…

Valuable site for information beyond the norm about music on guitar. Great interactive tools.

Donald user review icon

Useful resource for guitarists

Handy resource of practical information, guides and advice. Newsletters are informative and not too frequent.Free materials are great for beginners.

Jasmine Lovett user review icon

FaChords has a great way of teaching.

Jasmine Lovett
FaChords has explained music and guitar theory in a very easy and logical way for anyone to understand. I have been playing for many years and still benefited from their work. I highly recommend them to any player.

why frds user review icon


why frds
This is very good

David Griswold user review icon

Great guitar resource

David Griswold
fachords.com joins the ranks of oolimo.com and guitarscientist.com as having some of the best free tools for learning guitar anywhere on the web.

beccaj rt user review icon

FaChords Guitar is one of the best…

beccaj rt
FaChords Guitar is one of the best websites I've found for learning guitar. I only wish I had more time each day to make use of all the exceptional resources it offers. Thank you Gianca!

Eric user review icon

After an absence of playing guitar for…

After an absence of playing guitar for 30 years I've taken it up again. When I put it aside the internet didn't even exist! I found FaChords online and while I'm early in the process it has been a huge help and possible more importantly, encouragement in my journey back into musice as a hobblyThank you, Gianca!

Peter Roelink user review icon

Perfect site...gives more then it asks

Peter Roelink
Perfect site...gives more then it asks. P . Roelink

Sean OConnor user review icon

FaChords has been extremely helpful

Sean OConnor
FaChords has been an extremely helpful resource for learning and also recommending other helpful sites.

fawzi alnazer user review icon

Very helpful info and details

fawzi alnazer
Very helpful info and details. As an intermediate level guitar player I find the best information provided to be helpful in writing process and refreshing skills. Highly recommended

guy distelzwey user review icon

Very helpful and useful site

guy distelzwey
Very helpful and useful site , with many good news and good types.That all is due to a very interesting guy without really financial interest.... thing that is very difficult to find on internet...Gd

tim brown user review icon

excellent guitar site to learn…

tim brown
excellent guitar site to learn everything from beginners to advanced playing. chords,sus chords,minor,major,soloing plus downloads galore .rock on my fellow guitar friends

Estell South user review icon


Estell South
Gianca - FaChords Guitar is the greatest guitar and music site on the web.PERIOD!I have learned so much from his site. I use it every day to make myself a better musician.

Matt Stevenson user review icon

Excellent Guitar Tuition

Matt Stevenson
FaChords is an excellent website for anybody who wants to learn or improve their guitar playing skills with some very good practice exercises.Well done Gianca

Scotty MIller user review icon

I love the info and generators on the…

Scotty MIller
I love the info and generators on the site. Everything is helpful for me in understanding the things I have problems understanding. Thank you Gianca!

Roberto del Pino user review icon

FaChords Guitar

Roberto del Pino
Really great online tools and very useful info for guitar players and musicians. Thanks

Chris F user review icon

Fretboard Trainer!

Chris F
There aren't enough good things to say about the Fretboard Trainer. I have been playing for 40 years and finally, I am getting really good at knowing the fretboard thanks to this tool. It really helps with reading! Not just for guitar, but for banjo and mandolin as well. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mario user review icon

Very helpful site!

Very helpful site!

Stuart user review icon

Excellent site.

A really excellent learning tool some really good stuff on here and it's free to use. What more could anyone ask for.

amiraiami user review icon

This web site has been very useful for…

This web site has been very useful for me.. Good work!

Randy Sanders user review icon

FAChords is an excellent musical…

Randy Sanders
FAChords is an excellent musical learning website, it has so much to offer. The guitar trainers are excellent. online Interactive scale generators, chords, PDF downloads. There is a LOT to Learn at FAChords. There is a Ton of good, useful musical information.

Ingrid Berg user review icon

Great site for learning

Ingrid Berg
Finding new and old things for learning guitar

Mr Alan Wain user review icon

always great to receive these Guitar…

Mr Alan Wain
always great to receive these Guitar instructional emails ,look forward to receiving them Gianca is brilliant at producing good Lessons and PDF to go with them

David user review icon

Very informative website

Very informative website and has helped me in my journey of learning the guitar. Tons of information, mostly free. Well laid out.Would definitely recommend.

Pat Autrey user review icon

Great tools to study with

Pat Autrey
Great tools to study with! Always delivers helpful content, excellent teacher

Duane Blake user review icon

Gianca - Thank you!

Duane Blake
Gianca, I cannot express enough gratitude about how much I have learned from your FaChords Guitar program and website. Your programming skills are excellent, and the way that you have integrated those skills with your guitar playing talent and teaching is a wonder to me. I have been only playing 3 years, but feel like I was able to make much more fast progress because of the tutoring I have freely received from your program. This is an easy letter to write, and I thank you whole-heartedly for what you have provided. Kindly, Duane Blake (United States)

Justin Case user review icon

Fantastic resource.

Justin Case
The online fretboard navigation tools are invaluable. Fantastic resource to have available.

Ramas Erozotti user review icon

Best site for guitar players ever!

Ramas Erozotti
Best site for guitar players ever!

Michael user review icon

There is a lot of material on FaChords

This site is a great resource for beginners and intermediate players. I get a lot of good ideas for new chords to practice. It also sped along my process of learning the fretboard early on.

Mark Buckle user review icon

FaChords is a very helpful site

Mark Buckle
FaChords is a very helpful site for anyone wanting to push further into the unending universe of guitar learning. Lost of good information, links and unique tools that work.

shawn brennan user review icon

Great design

shawn brennan
Simple, easy to use and great design

Joe Galante user review icon

Excellent Guitar Resources, Information and Utilities

Joe Galante
I have no hesitation in recommending Gianca and his website to all guitarists, at all levels.Masses of useful information, well presented and thoughtfully set out.How Gianca provides so much and so well, all free of charge, is impressive. He must be a very special person...!

Frederick Ahne user review icon

Great software with his wisdom at…

Frederick Ahne
Great software with his wisdom at little or no costs.

Donn Goodside user review icon

'FaChords Guitar' Very Helpful !

Donn Goodside
Having viewed many Guitar Instructional Sites, I found 'FaChords Guitar', the most helpful, and a pleasure to deal with... ( often others never respond to clarify, mis-understandings of their Theory ).

Wyatt Cole user review icon

Love the resources

Wyatt Cole
Love the resources. It has helped me alot to learn playing the guitar. I would recommend the site to anyone learning or learning new skills on the guitar.

Stephen user review icon

Fachords is amazing!

Fachords is a great resource for guitar players. There are incredibly useful tools for learning the fret board layout and intervals. Lessons on theory and technique. Chord charts and song books that you can download. Reviews of other sites that teach guitar. Best of all it is all free. I don't know how Gianca finds the time to put this site together but I am grateful to him for doing it.

John Osguthorpe user review icon

Guitar instruction that at least equals JamPlay or TotallyGuitarsssssssssssssssssssssssss

John Osguthorpe
Guitar instruction that at least equals JamPlay or TotallyGuitars albeit not with as large a repertoire. The main thrust is teaching basic to intermediate skills and promoting the understanding of practical applications of music theory.

A Customer user review icon

A modern, refreshing, practical guitar aid.

A Customer
A generous, responsive facility with accessible, practical help. The learn a note tool for example is great. (I would have liked to be able to select EITHER the sharp OR the flat category of semitones though.) There are a few people offering guitar help on line but Gianca is easily the winner for me! A friendly and knowledgeable chap who has earned his glowing stars!

F.R. Spicer user review icon

I look forward to these helpful emails

F.R. Spicer
I look forward to these helpful emails. Everything is practical and easy to understand for aspiring guitar learners. Very helpful knowledge.

Dan Gates user review icon

Very good site with great content.

Dan Gates
Very good site with great content.

Doug user review icon

Always thorough and interesting

Always thorough and interesting If you want to learn guitar this is one stop shopping

John Robertson user review icon

First class resource for anyone

John Robertson
First class resource for anyone. From guitarists looking to improve their knowledge/technique to absolute beginners.

Trisha Griffin user review icon

Always in the Loop

Trisha Griffin
Gianca always keeps me updated with tips, tricks and techniques to enhance my guitar playing experiences. It seems some of those reminders come at just the right time and provide a fresh perspective. Great information to share!

Jerome Goslett user review icon

Extremely useful the guy deserves a…

Jerome Goslett
Extremely useful the guy deserves a medal.

317chicago user review icon

Love this site

Love this site. Lots of great information systematically laid out in easy to understand lessons.

Frank Matturri user review icon

This is a great guitar learning site

Frank Matturri
This is a great guitar learning site. Gianca is a great guy who gives away so many ebooks and PDF's for free.

Carlos Batista user review icon

Great Website for guitar learners

Carlos Batista
Great website for guitar enthusiasts. Well organized content with good material to learn music theory for guitar and with great tools to help pratice what you have learn.

Nigel Smith user review icon

Brilliant site keeps you up to date…

Nigel Smith
Brilliant site keeps you up to date with what is happening in the guitar world. Very useful tools and information I can really recommend this site for all levels of players and those just interested.

hgroen user review icon

Great site to work with as guitar…

Great site to work with as guitar player. Clear to see how chords work, progressions and good explanation on tabs.working almost daily with fachords

Bryant Cochran user review icon

Gianca's Fahords has helped me get over…

Bryant Cochran
Gianca's Fahords has helped me get over some nagging problems, that had hindered my playing for years. I whole heartedly recommend everything he shares, it will improve not only your playing but your knowledge base for smoother transitions as well.

Tony Charlton user review icon

I love the way that Gianca simplifies…

Tony Charlton
I love the way that Gianca simplifies everything. His lessons are well produced and the tabs etc. are invaluable. A great site for all levels of guitarists. Tony Charlton

Bogdan Toma user review icon

A great free tool for all guitarists

Bogdan Toma
One of the most useful websites for all those who want to master guitar music theory.

Tommy Treacle user review icon

Very nice

Tommy Treacle
Very nice, highly recommended

Tim user review icon

Don't fret pet, use this!

I have been trying to learn the guitar fretboard for more than 40 years! This has been the only method that has produced any results.The transference from screen to actual guitar was surprisingly effective

golzar rezvani user review icon

the website has been amazingly helpful…

golzar rezvani
the website has been amazingly helpful for me and all the tips in the site have developed my skills.

Béla user review icon

FaChords Guitar is a very creative

FaChords Guitar is a very creative, useful site. One can always find good ideas, new points of view in development guitar playing and understanding.

Wim Koning user review icon

Learned a lot

Wim Koning
Learned a lot, great site. good tutorials. free pdf's.

Phil James user review icon

Fachords is absolutely brilliant!!!

Phil James
I've used the Fachords facilities for a few years now, and this site is absolutely fantastic. The standard of the FREE!! teaching aids and the PDF downloads are second to none. I took up the guitar at 62 years of age, as part of my "bucket list" ... and my progress has benefited no end from information gathered from this brilliant website. Well done Gianca ... and thanks for your dedication and efforts with making us "newbies" better players.

Brian Lock user review icon

I have been a follower of Fachords for…

Brian Lock
I have been a follower of Fachords for some years and still to this day don't understand how someone can provide such a comprehensive set of tools for the guitarist's free of charge, also the articles produced by Gianca are both informative and interesting. I would highly recommend this site without reservation as without Gianca's work in producing top class applications, tutorials and e-books to help us on our journey to learning the guitar the task would be a lot more difficult.

VARUN user review icon

Very much helpful for me...thanks

Very much helpful for me...thanks

Dozbert user review icon

This is a fabulous website with great…

This is a fabulous website with great apps that are incredibly useful and informative. This should be your first stop for all things scales, chords and modes related. All clearly explained. There's all sorts of other information music related too.

Gordan Trebotic user review icon

Only six strings :)

Gordan Trebotic
As a repeated beginer (some 10 years or so I began to learn to play and stopped after a while) I find these tutorials from Fachords very helpful...and the pdf books too! Just what I needed :)Music theory is in my focus now and Fachords is my everyday assistant!!

John Lovegrove user review icon

Amazing site for guitarists wanting to…

John Lovegrove
Amazing site for guitarists wanting to visualise a huge range of scales and notes among other things. So glad I found my way to it. I use the fretboard visualisation tools a lot.

Sam user review icon

FaChords had helped me to have a better…

FaChords had helped me to have a better understanding of chords and a better way to practice. Very helpful.

Ishu Bandhan user review icon

I really helped me to learn guitar .

Ishu Bandhan
I really helped me to learn guitar .It think it really gave me nice learning curve.Thankyou for providing me chords

Robert Lenssen user review icon


Robert Lenssen
Top! Nice site

Rohith Dsouza user review icon

Here I found the easiest way to learn…

Rohith Dsouza
Here I found the easiest way to learn Guitar Chords since all the types of chords are available here. Here one can easily find out how all the chords are closely connected to each other and learn many more chords.Here we find chords not just for a beginner but also for the ones who have enough knowledge on chords. Thank you FaChordsGuitar.

Greg user review icon

Gianca has provided a terrific resource…

Gianca has provided a terrific resource for beginners to intermediate guitar players. I've found his regular emails a great source of inspiration.

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FaChords Guitar - How it all began

I started my journey in the land of music at 9, playing the slide trombone (my teacher decided that it was the perfect instrument for me, because of my long arms).

After some years of studying solfege and big bands songs, I realized that I wanted an instrument able to make more noise , so the electric guitar was a natural choice.

Since then, I've accumulated tons of reference material and lessons worth to be shared. During these past years, I've even developed specific software to help my students learn chords, scales, fretboard geometry, practicing ear training and more. Now this site, originally created to be a tool for my students, is available, for free , to anyone looking to get better at guitar .

The city where I live

In the picture below you can see the city where I live: Bergamo, Italy .

My house is somewhere under the clouds. Have you ever been to Italy? You'll be welcome! (you don't want to miss the Bergamo Jazz Festival if you ever get up here)

Please say hello and tell me about you, your targets as a guitar player, your main difficulties in learning the instrument. I love to get in touch with guitar lovers from around the world.

Picture of Bergamo, Italy

For software lovers

If you are into software development and the like, maybe you'd like to learn more about the technologies under the hood of FaChords. I built this site and the guitar learning tools with the help of:

  • Django , awesome Python web framework, fast and scalable
  • OpalStack , a fast, developer-friendly hosting
  • Howler.js , an audio library for bringing sound to the browser
  • KeyCDN , a great content delivery network for a better user experience

For business/research/coding related requests, please visit my profile on Linkedin and Google Scholar .

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