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Free Guitar Scales Ebook

84 Scales and arpeggios patterns

free ebook guitar and arpeggios chart

Here's a complete free guitar scales pdf ebook, entitled "84 Guitar Scales and Arpeggios Patterns". A downloadable pdf with plenty of scales patterns, with different fingerings and fretboard positions. For each scale, you can learn a number of different shapes, depending on the zone of the fretboard you're working on. The ebook contains of course the most important scales for beginners, such as major and minor, but shows also more advanced charts such as triads arpeggios, seventh chords arpeggios, pentatonic and blues scales.

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Beginner Scales: Chromatic, Major and Minor

In this section you can find major, harmonic minor, melodic minor, bachian, chromatic, in different shapes and fretboard positions.

major minor chromatic scale

Pentatonic and Blues Scales Tabs

A must for every guitar player: pentatonic minor and blues scales tabs. Here's an example:

pentatonic and blues

Modal scales

Charts of all modes: ionian, aeolian, dorian, phrygian, locrian, lydian, mixolydian.

modal: lydian, mixolydian, dorian, phrygian, locrian, aeolian

Whole-Tone and Diminished Scales Charts

Whole-tone and half-step diminished, for a quite interesting sound.

whole-tone and diminished scale

Major, Minor and Diminished Triads Arpeggios

Triads are the building blocks of the harmony. You'll learn the patterns of major triads, minor triads, augmented and diminished triads arpeggios.

major minor augmented diminished triads

Seventh Arpeggios Patterns

Just add one note to a triad, and voilà, you're playing a seventh chord. In this section you'll be taught about different kinds of seventh arpeggios, as usua in different parts of the fretboard.

major seventh, minor seventh, seventh arpeggio

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