I want to improve my musical ear

Ear training guitar exercises

Often overlooked, practicing to improve your musical ear is one of the best strategies to get to the next level. On this page you'll find software tools and mp3 sets useful to improve your chords and intervals recognition ability. Finally, one powerful tip from master Steve Vai: always sing what you play on the guitar. Your aural skills will skyrocket!

Visual Interval ear training

Train you ear on musical interval recognition visualizing the notes on the guitar fretboard. You will internalize musical intervals while having fun.

Chords recognition game

Chords ear training: recognize different chord qualities (major, minor, dominant, seventh, diminished, augmented and more) and compete for the top of the leaderboard.

147 Interval Ear Training Mp3 | Functional Ear Training

Here you can find a set of mp3 useful to practice functional ear training on the go. You can put them on your mp3 player and practice interval ear training when you are outside. Free download..

Ear Training on guitar: tools and techniques

Ear training is one of the most important skill to practice for a musician. In this post we talk about pitch recognition, interval ear training, practice software and mp3 set useful to practice ear training on the go..

Heavy Metal Ear Training | Guitar interval ear training

Guitar ear training: the key to become a great improviser. Memorize the sound of musical intervals and find them on the fretboard by using a list of famous heavy metal riff as reference..

Online Guitar Lessons Guide:

Best online guitar lessons guide

Check out the new guide for the best online guitar lessons. Everything you need to know about guitar learning systems, instructors and best strategies. Free video lessons included. Find the lessons for you here

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