Chord Recognition Game

Test your Chords Recognition Skills and Improve your Musicianship

chord recognition game

Want to improve your musical ear and improvisation skills? With this free Chords Recognition Game you can practice chords recognition on plenty of different kinds of chord (major, minor, augmented and diminished chords; minor seventh, major seventh, dominant, altered and diminished chords).

The difficulty of the game increases gradually , starting from major and minor triads and eventually testing you with all the different kinds of seventh chords.

You should guess as much as possible right chord types in a given time (100 second).

Your final score will appear on the leaderboard.

The more right questions you get, the higher you'll be on the leaderboard.

Being able to recognize the chord quality you're playing over is a fundamental skill for musical improvisation.

By playing this game on a daily basis you should be able to recognize chord kinds instinctively , and become a better improviser and guitarist.

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