147 Interval Ear Training Mp3

Functional Ear Training On the Go

guitar interval ear training Here you can find a set of ear training mp3 for practicing functional ear training away from your home studio. What I needed was a way to perform interval ear training during running, trekking or other activities. I found this method very useful to develop a good ear and improve relative pitch . This method has been also suggested by Steve Vai during his masterclass.

Interval Ear Training In Short

A good exercise to improve relative pitch is to listen to a musical interval and guess what kind is. On the internet you can find some ear training software (this one deals with ear training on guitar fretboard ) that can help you get a good ear. They work very well but you have to stay in front of your computer. I created a set of ear training guitar mp3 that you can put on your mp3 player and do interval ear training when you are outside. Each mp3 is composed by a musical interval sound, some seconds of pause, and a voice that tells you which kind of interval has been played. During the pause you should guess the kind of interval (and maybe visualize it on the guitar fretboard). This kind of interval ear training does not require any physical interaction, so you can train you ear during other activities such as running or hiking.

At first, the better way to perform interval ear training is to train your ear on a limited kinds of interval. So you should try, for example, to discriminate between major seconds and minor seconds intervals, or major thirds and minor thirds, and so on. Then, as your relative pitch improve, you can introduce different kinds of interval. One tricky ear training exercise is to distinguish a perfect fourth from a perfect fifth , or a minor seventh from a major seventh,

The content of the package

  • minor second and major second intervals
  • minor third and major third intervals
  • perfect fourth, perfect fifth and diminished fifth intervals
  • major sixth and major sixth intervals
  • minor seventh, major seventh and perfect octave intervals

How to use the interval ear training mp3 set?

It's very simple, just download the zip, unzip it, upload the main folder on your mp3 player, select an interval kind folder and play it in random mode .

You can always create your own interval ear training set , simply you have to put in the folder the kinds of interval you want to practice.

I hope you enjoy this set of interval ear training mp3, please let me know if they worked also for you and if they helped to improve your relative pitch!

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