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A free tool for practicing Interval Ear Training on the fretboard

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guitar ear training game

We guitarists are often focused on mastering scales, speed and other techniques, forgetting the most important skill to have as a musician: ear training . Good aural skills allow us to understand the language of music and to fully express the feeling in our mind. To help you practice ear training, we have created a free guitar ear training game that will train you on intervals recognition.

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How The Ear Training Game Works

This game is one-of-its-kind. In fact, it has been specifically conceived to help guitar players practice ear training, so our main tool will be the fretboard . No music staff, no strange symbols, but just frets and strings.

guitar ear training game: how it works

When starting the game, you'll hear a sequence of notes, and you'll see a highlighted fret that corresponds to the root of the sequence. Your mission is to select the notes of the sequence , in the correct order, by clicking them directly on the fretboard.

To make the things more interesting, there will be a score counter , that increases when you hit the right notes, and decreases, as a penalty, when the selected notes are wrong. This also prevents multiple random clicks and force people to really understand what they're hearing.

guitar ear training game: how it works

And it's not finished, when the game begins, a countdown will start: you have 100 seconds to spot as much as possible correct notes. Once the time is elapsed, your best score will be registered on the game leaderboard , so actually, you always play against other guitar players. And I guarantee that in no time you'll be addicted to this game, as you'll want your name to be shown at the top of the leaderboard

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The Benefits Of Practicing This Game

By practicing interval ear training in the way the game proposes you'll improve your musical instinct : your mind will be better connected to your fingers and you'll be able to find naturally the note you really want to play. Basically, after some training, you get able to know the sound of the fret before playing it , and this is a great skill to have for improvisation and jamming.

More Resources For Ear Training

  • Check the Guitar Ear Training main page for more tutorials, mp3 training packs and other software and games.

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