Chords in Keys Reference pdf

Handy pdf sheet to study music theory and improvisation

If you are approaching music theory (and you should, if you want to move your guitar playing to the next level), you may find useful this chords in keys cheat sheet. This sheet gives you the big picture of the main music keys. It contains the chords generated from the major scale and the harmonic minor scale of each music key. Music keys are placed following the circle of fifths, so you can notice the sharps/flats order. Starting from the C key, that has no sharps/flats, if you follow the circle of fifths clockwise, every next key has one added sharp (C has no sharp, G key has 1 sharp, D key has 2 sharps, and so on); if you follow the circle of fifths anticlockwise, every next key has one more flat (C has no flat, F key has 1 flat, Bb has 2 flats, and so on). This music theory cheat sheet may be useful to study chords progression, modulation, fretboard intervals and composition.

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