F#m Guitar Chord Diagrams | F# Minor

F# m position 1 guitar chord diagram

The F# Minor chord is composed of the Root, Minor Third, and Perfect Fifth

This chord is also known as:

  • F# Minor
  • F# Min
  • F# Minor Triad
  • F#m

The notes in this chord are F#, A, and C#

Notes in the F# m chord:


Chord Structure:


The F# Minor Chord | Keys, Songs and Harmonic Function

The most common way to play a F# minor chord is to move the well-known F minor chord one fret up the neck (remember, sharp, or '#', means 1 semitone up)

That's the beauty of bar chords; as they are movable: learning one shape allows you to play 12 different chords. You just need to shift that shape up or down the fretboard.

Songs with the F# minor chord

Crazy Train by Ozzy is in F# minor key, as well as Wonderwall by Oasis.

F# Minor Key

The table below shows you the chords in the key of F sharp minor:

Key i ii III iv v VI VII
F#m F#m G# dim A Bm C#m D E

Common Keys With The F# Minor Chord

Finally, here we show the most common keys that have F# minor chord.

E Major Key

In the E major key the F# minor chord is the Supertonic (2nd degree)

Key I ii iii IV V vi vii
E E F#m G#m A B C#m D# dim

D Major Key

The key in which we find the F# minor chord as Mediant (3rd degree) is the D major.

Key I ii iii IV V vi vii
D D Em F#m G A Bm C# dim

A Major Key

The F# minor key is the relative minor of the A major key, so we find the F# minor chord at the 6th degree.

Key I ii iii IV V vi vii
A A Bm C#m D E F#m G# dim

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How To Play The F#m chord on guitar

Chord boxes are sorted from the easiest to the hardest. Learn how to read chord diagrams.

If you have difficulties with bar chord shapes, check the Bar Chords Tips tutorial.

Position 1

F# m position 2 guitar chord diagram

Position 2

F# m position 4 guitar chord diagram

Position 3

F# m position 5 guitar chord diagram

Position 4

F# m position 3 guitar chord diagram

Position 5

F# m position 1 guitar chord diagram

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