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Free Resources to Help You Learn Chords, Scales, Music Theory and The Guitar Fretboard

On this page, you find a collection of guitar ebooks in pdf format that will help you improve your guitar playing.

You'll learn new chords , scales , important music theory concepts, how to create chord voicings on the fly, or how to find the chords in a given key.

Free Guitar Ebooks

All the following pdfs are available for free download .

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Guitar Chords Chart Pdf

Free ebook for beginners with plenty of chord fingerings charts.

Open positions, movable shapes, minor, major, augmented and diminished triads and other types of guitar chords.

Guitar Scales & Arpeggios Patterns

This ebook contains tons of scales and arpeggios patterns.

Major and minor scales, modals, diminished, whole-tone arpeggios, 3 notes per string shapes, and more.

Guitar Fretboard Chart Pdf

This pdf will help you learn the notes on the guitar neck.

Also, you'll understand the Circle Of Fifths and its relationship with musical keys and notes on the fretboard.

Guitar Chords Formula Table

Do you feel lost among the different types of chords?

This chord formula table will help, as it shows you the intervals in any type of chord.

Exotic Scales Patterns

Add new flavors to your sound with Indian, Japanese, Arabian, byzantine, Jewish, Neapolitan scales and other strange and uncommon melodies.

Chord Construction Pdf

Chords should be not considered as static shapes to brute-force memorize, but something that you can create on the fly in any part of the fretboard.

Knowing how chords are built requires knowing how intervals work on the guitar fretboard.

Guitar Keys Chart

This pdf chart shows you the chords that belong to all the major and minor keys.

The chart contains 3 tones (triads chords) and 4 tones chords seventh chords.

8 Essential Arpeggios

In this ebook, you find the fretboard patterns for playing arpeggios of the most common chord qualities.

Practicing arpeggios is a great way to improve musicality and finger dexterity.

Chord Scales Harmonization

A massive library that shows you all the chords generated from any scale.

You'll find 3 and 4 tone chords for more than 30 types of scale.

Interval Ear Training on the go

A set of ear training mp3 useful to practice ear training on the go.

A smart way to perform interval ear training while running, trekking or commuting.

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This website is 99% free, including many of the pdfs you'll find on this page, the interactive learning software , and all the guitar lessons .

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