I'm a beginner starting from scratch

Congratulations for your choice! Learning how to play the guitar is a wonderful, fulfilling, never ending journey. Sure, at the beginning your fingers hurt and your hands are weak, but don't worry, we've all been through this. Stick with it, little by little your skills will improve. On this page you'll find some basic tutorials useful to start. If you are really committed, consider taking a step-by-step complete course. Have fun!

Online Guitar Lessons [Big guide]

I've been playing guitar for many years and I used and reviewed a lot of different guitar courses and online lessons. On this page I listed the best options I found..

How to play the A chord on guitar

A beginner lesson that teaches you your first chord: the A major chord. Video and explanations about proper fingers and hands posture, and basic strumming..

How to read guitar tabs for beginners

In this lesson you're going to learn how to read a guitar tab. You'll learn the differences respect of the standard notation and you'll be able to play easy guitar tabs for beginners .

276 guitar pdf chords chart reference | Pdf to print out

Free pdf ebook to download: 276 Guitar chords charts reference. Open positions, movable patterns, minor, major, dominant, augmented and diminished triads and other types of chords..

Knowing Your Instrument: Electric Guitar Parts

Before starting learning electric guitar, it is important to know all of its parts, how they work, how to take proper care of your instrument and how to tune it. Learn about pick-ups, knobs, tremolo, switches and other parts..

Learning to play chords | Open Chords

A beginner lesson about basic guitar chords: learn how to play chords in open position, change them smoothly, chords qualities..

Introduction To Finger-Picking

Lesson on acoustic guitar fingerpicking. Finger-picking is good to learn to branch out into Spanish Classical, Jazz, Country and bluegrass guitar..

How to choose your first guitar

Time to choose your first guitar? Don't buy it before reading this guide. Action, intonation, woods, neck, body, tuners, electronics, you should know all this stuff for a great deal!.

5 easy songs on guitar for beginners

In this article we are going to learn 5 songs with easy chords: pop rock, rock, and folk examples..

Songs with the same chord progression

In this article you'll learn how to play a number of songs with the same chord progressions. Learn the most common chord progressions composed of four easy guitar chords..

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