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This online Guitar Chords Finder helps you learn guitar chords in an easy way. It's an interactive tool that plays chords and shows fingerings and positions on the fretboard.

This tool embeds over 40 different chords type in different positions for a total of 120+ fingerings patterns. It's very easy to use: simply select the name of the chord you want to learn, the type of the chord (major, minor, diminished, seventh, augmented, to name a few) and the fretboard zone you want to take the chord (open strings, middle neck, higher positions).

The Chords Finder will show you the right fingering, playing the chord tone by tone, in order to let you play along with it and check if your fingers are placed properly on your axe. For left handed guitar players, lefty visualization is available. A free pdf ebooks is available for free download.

How to Learn Guitar Chords: it's easy with Fachords Guitar Chords Generator

Here's a tutorial on Fachords Guitar Chords Finder: this tool is designed for beginners guitar players who want to learn guitar chords in different fingering configurations: open position chords, movable shapes, barre chords and so on...

guitar chords fingering software

Fachords Chords Finder explained

Fachords Chords Finder shows you more than 250 chords fingerings; to visualize a chord you set the root and the type of the chord. There are a lot of different types: maj,5 ,6 ,6/9 ,7 ,7#9 ,7#11 ,7b5 ,7b9 ,7b5(#9) ,7sus4 ,9 ,9b5 ,9#11,9sus4 ,11 ,13 ,13b9 ,13sus4 ,add9 ,dim ,dim7 ,m ,m6 ,mb6 ,m6/9 ,m7 ,m7b5 ,m9 ,m9b5 ,m9(maj7) ,m11 ,m13 ,m(add9) ,m(maj7) ,maj7 ,maj7b5 ,maj7#11 ,maj9 ,maj13 ,sus2 ,sus4 ,+ ,+7 ,+7#9 ,+7b9 ,+9. You can also select the fretboard position of the fingering. For each chord there are three position available: one open chord position, a position on the middle of the fretboard, and one on the higher frets. Usually the second and third positions are movable shapes that you can transpose depending on the root note of the chord you want to play.

guitar scales tabs generator

Chords fingerings

The tool shows you the fingerings of the selected chord directly on the guitar fretboard. The point of view is the one of the guitar player, so the low E string is at the bottom of the fretboard graphic. The letters on the dots represent fingers placement: 1=index, 2=middle, 3= ring, 4=pinky.

guitar chord how to place fingers

Audio playback

The tool has audio playback functionality. It plays the arpeggio of the selected chord, so you can listen to each tone of the chord. You can also play your guitar along with software playback and check if each string of your guitar sounds ok and you fingers are correctly placed. Lastly, you can mute/unmute the sound of the sampled guitar and the drum, and set the playback bpm speed.

An example

Here's an example of the C major chord in open strings configuration:

guitar beginners easy chord

Here's the same chord with a different fingering:

guitar chords generator c major chord

And here's the C major chord played with a full barre shape. This shape is movable, so if you want to play a B major chord you simply have to translate the shape one fret below, at 7th fret.

guitar chords software barrè chord

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