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Hi Gianca!! Great site brother!! It must feel great knowing that your spirit of sharing and making learning guitar fun for so many students who would otherwise not be able to learn guitar, become serious players and students. Music shall always remain the one master key to every heart on the planet. - Rob, United States ( read more )

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Guitar Modes Interactive Charts: a different view on Modes

This interactive tool shows you the structure, notes and chords for each mode. It also visualizes the fretboard diagrams for modes created from the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales. If you never understood modes, this tool will be helpful.

Christmas Songs: another list

In this article you'll find 10 great Christmas songs that will entertain your family and friends. It's time to learn these cool holiday songs and have fun all together!.

How much do guitar lessons cost | Lessons prices survey

Wondering how much you should pay for a guitar lessons? There are different factors to take in account: your experience level, the genres you'd like to learn, the kind of lessons (in-person or online). This survey will show you how much guitar lessons cost.

Riffmaster Pro Review | Easy slow down software

Using a software to slow down music is a great way to develop your musical skills (and to spot wrong tabs!). In this article review we're going to analyze Riffmaster Pro, a popular and easy song slow downer application. .

Lap steel guitar

This article is all about lap steel guitars: learn the proper technique and how to convert your old guitar in a poor man's, but fun, lap steel guitar.

Ancient guitars: how guitars looked like 4000 years ago?

This article shows you some instruments considered as the ancestors of modern guitars: the oud, the tanbur and the qin-pipa..

Rockabilly guitar: story and style

This article will teach about Rockabilly guitar story, style and technique. Learn the famous 3 chords changes, the travis picking and the right attitude for playing rockabilly songs.

How to read music for guitar | Chords, Scales, Staff, Strumming

There are many ways in which music for guitar is written down: chords charts, scales boxes, music sheets, and so forth. This tutorial will teach how to read music for guitar.

Kaki King | The new guitar Goddess

Introducing Kaki King, named by Rolling Stones The New Guitar Goddess. One of the most innovative guitar player of the last years, a genre unto herself..

The Top 5 Complete Guitar Courses in 2017

This mega guide covers everything you need to know about learning the guitar online in 2017. Free video lessons included

Jamplay review

In this review of Jamplay, we explored this popular online guitar lessons site to check the videos quality, how it is easy to use and what are its learning paths

Guitar Tricks review

Looking for info on GuitarTricks? This detailed review will show you the main features this popular online guitar lessons site. Learn what songs, styles, genres and techniques you can learn

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