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Wow! I discovered this site in March/April and began challenging myself to learn the fretboard (NOT an easy task...). The first time I played the FretBoard Trainer, I think my score was about a 5 or 6. Now in late May I just scored a 63. It's tough, but you WILL learn the notes and OWN probably the most difficult instrument! You will be frustrated but it will pay off as long as you keep trying. Well done! Good luck my friends...OWN IT!!!' - Enbeer (Read more)

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10 Alternate Picking Exercises

10 Alternate Picking Exercises article icon

Here are 10 cool alternate picking exercises that will keep you busy for weeks. By practicing this exercise you'll improve your picking accuracy and speed, addressing crucial difficulties such as inside the string picking and crossing strings. Also, here you find some useful tips for an effective alternate picking technique by masters like John Petrucci and Guthrie Govan.

50 Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners | Step-by-step list

Easy songs on guitar: songs with C and G chords article icon

This post shows you 50 easy songs that you can play only with a bunch of basic guitar chords. It starts with simple songs with only C and G chords, then adds one new chord at a time, such as Am, F, D and so on. You'll expand your repertoire with this fun songs..

The Nashville Number System

The Nashville Number System article icon

The Nashville Numbering System is a method that denotes chords with the scale degree numbers. It's very useful for describing chord progressions, transposing songs, improvisation, and can be understood without too much music theory knowledge. This article shows you in details how the Nashville Number System works..

Guitar Chords Chart For Beginners | Free Pdf Download

Guitar chords pdf to print out article icon

Here's our guitar chords chart pdf available for free download. It contains printable finger diagrams for major, minor and other types of chord. Suitable for beginners and intermediate guitarists..

Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks Review article icon

This is a genuine review of Guitar Tricks. See facts and statistics, and learn about what people think about the most popular online guitar lessons site. Have a look inside the member area..

Jamplay Review

Jamplay Review article icon

Here's a complete review of Jamplay: we've spent a full day analyzing the popular online guitar lessons site: find out if Jamplay is right for you.

Best Online Guitar Lessons | The Most Popular Sites

Best Online Guitar Lessons | Big Guide article icon

Want to learn guitar online? This guide shows you the best strategies and the top sites where you can improve your guitar skills. Find useful learning tips and step-by-step online guitar lessons that have proven to work..

Jamplay Vs GuitarTricks 2018 Review

Jamplay Vs GuitarTricks 2018 Review article icon

Analyzing and comparing Jamplay and GuitarTricks online guitar lessons: lessons quality, free trials, money back period, membership plans, pros and cons..

Free Guitar Pdf Ebooks

Free Guitar Pdf Ebooks article icon

Here's a collection of guitar ebooks with tons of scales and chords. You can download them for free and start learning how to play guitar scales and chords.

Guitar Triads | Structure, shapes, how to extend them

guitar tutorial thumbnail image

Learning guitar triads will expand greatly your fretboard knowledge. In this tutorial, we're going to learn the 4 main types of triads, how to construct them, and the fretboard shapes for playing triads up and down the neck..

Electric Guitar Chords | Beginner Tutorial

electric guitar chords finger positions

This tutorial will show you 6 electric guitar chords that allows you to play a few easy songs. You'll learn the basic fingerings and useful advice for getting chords right..

Guitar Notes | How To Learn The Fretboard

Guitar Fretboard Notes | Complete Tutorial

This guitar tutorial will teach you all you need to know about guitar notes: the fretboard note names, strings, frets, octaves and more. Free pdf diagrams and interactive guitar software included..

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