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Free Guitar Tutorials

the nashville number system

The Nashville Number System

This system helps you master chords progressions and songwriting

open minor pentatonic scale

Minor Pentatonic Scale

One of the most important scales, for beginners and intermediate players

Guitar Fretboard Theory

Guitar Fretboard Theory

If you want to skyrocket your guitar skills you must learn the fretboard secrets

how to read music for guitar

How to read music for guitar

Learn how to read tabs, chords charts, scales box and rhythm notation

Guitar Learning Software

fretboard trainer

Fretboard Trainer

A fun game that helps you memorize the notes of the neck easy and fast

guitar scale finder

Guitar Scale Finder

Learn how to play tons of scales and arpeggios with this interactive tool

guitar modes chart

Guitar Modes Chart

A different view on guitar modes that will help truly understand what modes are

chords progressions generator

Chords Progressions Generator

Create chords progressions on the fly and learn how to play over the tones

Learn Playing Guitar Online

best online guitar lessons

Best Online Guitar Lessons

This guide will help you find the right lessons for you. We tested the best complete courses.

guitar tricks review

Guitar Tricks Review

The site that invented online guitar lessons in 1998. Probably the the most popular learning system

jamplay review

Jamplay Review

One of the best and most complete step-by-step guitar course that you can find on the Web

jamplay vs guitartricks

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks?

The most frequenlty asked question from those who want to join a pro learning system

Free Guitar Ebooks

guitar scales pdf

Guitar Scales Pdf

Free pdf to print out with tons of scales and arpeggios patterns all along the freboard

guitar chords pdf

Guitar Chords Pdf

Learn how to play major, minor, dominant chords, barrè and movable chord shapes

guitar fretboard chart

Guitar Fretboard Chart

Free guitar neck notes maps pdf with an intuitive layout that follows the circle of fifths rules

guitar key chords

Guitar Keys Chords

This pdf shows you the chords for each music key. Useful for songwriting and music theory

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