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Guitar Lessons Section

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1) All About Guitar Chords

From beginner shapes to advanced fingerings, you'll learn everything you need to know to become a chord master, theory included.

2) How To Master The Fretboard

Mastering the fretboard is the next step to becoming an accomplished musician, in this section, you'll learn how.

3) Guitar Scales Up And Down The Neck

Scales can be formed and played across the entire fretboard, once you have the right knowledge.

4) Chord Progressions Explained

The secret of songwriting is to be able to put chords together according precise rules and strategies, discover all of them!

5) Guitar Practice Tips And Strategies

Maximize your learning and retention with the right strategies for effective practice, memorization, and study sessions.

Drill Down: If you prefer a complete resource to print out and to use offline, check my complete chord, scale and progression ebooks.

Interactive Learning Tools

Want to memorize the fretboard with interactive software apps?

Learn new scale and chord shapes? Practicing ear training?

Be sure to take a look at the guitar learning softwarea, free and easy to use.

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