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Welcome to the Guitar Learning Software created by FaChords Guitar!

Here will find some free interactive applications created to help you advance your guitar skills and knowledge.

The tools on this page are designed to improve all the aspects of playing guitar and music in general: chords , scales , progressions , fretboard notes memorization and navigation, ear training , and rhythm sense.

Drill Down: for best results, be sure to use these tools along with the printable resources available on your free download area .

Fretboard Notes Game

Memorize All the Notes on the Fretboard

guitar fretboard memorization online game The best thing you can do to get your playing to the next level is to memorize the notes of the fretboard .

If you know your frets, your fluidity and freedom on the fretboard will be like a pro.

But how to learn notes on guitar fretboard?

This fretboard trainer tool will help you memorize notes on the fretboard in a fun way.

You'll challenge other guitar players and get your chance to be at the top of leaderboard!

Launch The Fretboard Trainer

Fretboard Intervals Game

Improve Intervals Knowledge and Fretboard Navigation

free fretboard trainer Master fretboard intervals like a ninja.

This fretboard interval game will help you learn how to navigate the fretboard effortlessly.

It contains drills that will prove your fretboard geometry knowledge: octaves, thirds, fifths, sevenths and other intervals.

With practice, you'll be able to build chords on the fly on any fretboard areas and inversions.

The tool comes with an "easy mode" that allows you to focus on a kind of interval at a time.

Launch Fretboard Intervals Game

Learn how the fretboard intervals tool works

Scale Finder

Master Guitar Scales and Arpeggios

guitar scale generator Learn scales and arpeggios all along the fretboard.

From the most common guitar scales to the strangest exotic arpeggios , with the help of this tool, you will learn how to play over 40 scales and arpeggios, in all music keys and fretboard positions.

You'll learn different pattern shapes, such as 4 frets boxes or 3 notes per string .

You can also enjoy our guitar scale library .

Launch The Scale Finder

Chords Generator

Play Chords in all Positions and Inversions

online guitar chords generator No more buzzes or wrong notes! Learn chords the easy way .

This chord generator shows you the chord charts of more than 250 chords, in different fretboard areas.

The tool shows you the chord diagrams, with tones names and degree, and plays the chord tones by tones , so you can play along with the virtual guitar and check if your fingers are placed correctly on the neck.

The chords generator comes with a useful metronome drum , with the possibility to set the speed and the volume of guitar and drum.

All the chords are also available on our guitar chords dictionary .

Launch The Chords Generator

Chord Analyzer/Identifier

Figure Out Which Chord Is It

online guitar chords reverse analyzer This chord analyzer and identifier tool tells you the name, intervals and formula of any shape you create on the fretboard.

It allows you to experiment with chord creation, helping you get a better understanding of chord tones and voicings.

You can also set an external tonal center (like a bassist that plays the tonic) to experiment with root-less voicings.

Launch The Chords Analyzer

Chord Progressions Generator

Play Solos Over a Chord Progression with the Right Notes

backing tracks generator software Learn how to improvise over a chord sequence !

With the help of this tool, you can quickly create chord progressions with chords of all types, and see the tones composing the chords directly on the fretboard, while the progression is playing.

This feature is really helpful for learning improvisation and solos , as you should use the tones composing the chords as main notes for your melodies, and adding passing notes depending on your taste.

Chord tones soloing is a clever strategy that every great improviser has in his/her arsenal

Launch The Jam Tracks Tools

Online Drum Machine

Experiment with Rhythmic Patterns and Meters

online drum machine This tool allows you to create drum tracks in different time divisions and styles.

It's a great help to understand how beat and time work in music.

You'll learn how to experiment with pulse, beats, time division, accents, and give life and dynamics to your sequences.

Launch The Drum Machine

Circle Of Fifths Tool

Unveil and Use the Secrets of the Circle Of Fifths

interactive circle of fifths The Circle of Fifths is a powerful music theory device that allows you to manage keys, sharps, flats, create chord progressions, build chords, compose songs, in an easy way.

This device packs an awful lot of data into a small circle. Improve your music theory knowledge with a complete tutorial and an interactive Circle Of Fifths webapp specifically conceived for guitar players.

Launch The Circle Of Fifths Tool

Interval Ear Training Game

Improve your Interval Pitch Recognition

interval ear training software Develop your aural skills and apply them on the neck.

This tool helps you connect ear, mind, and fingers !

It allows you to practice interval ear training directly on the guitar fretboard.

Little by little you'll become aware of the sound that a given fret produces, before playing it !

With some practice, you'll know exactly where to put your fingers in order to obtain the melody you have in mind.

Launch The Ear Training Tool

Chords Recognition Game

Identify any Kind of Chord

chords recognition ear training software This chord recogniton game will help you gain the ability to recognize different types of chords by listening to them.

What if you could tell, listening to a chord, if it is major, minor, diminished, dominant seventh or whatever type?

This tool will train your ear and will make able to recognize the different chord qualities by simply listening to them.

There are more than 20 different kinds of chord to practice on, and the "easy mode" allows you to focus on a subset, in order to practice step-by-step with increasing difficulty.

Launch The Chords Recognition Game

Music Theory Quiz Game

Practice Music Theory and Knowledge

Test your intervals, chords, scales and keys knowledge with this easy quiz game.

You'll be asked several music theory questions that will help memorize chord tones, scale structures, major, minor keys and intervals.

You can set the difficulty levels and the kind of exercise to practice.

Launch The Music Theory Quiz

Scales Over Chords

Find Which Scales Match Over A Given Chord

guitar modes chart - interactive tool This tool shows you which tones a scale and a chord share.

It's a great aid to find the right scales to play over a chord progressions.

Your chord tones lead guitar skills will improve in no time.

Launch The Scales Over Chords Tool

Guitar Modes Tool

Understand Modes and Apply The To Your Solos

guitar modes chart - interactive tool This interactive tool shows you the structure, notes and chords for each mode.

It also visualizes the fretboard diagrams for modes created from the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales.

If you never understood modes, this tool will be helpful.

Launch The Interactive Modes Tool

Guitar Learning Software - The F.A.Q.

Is The Software Really Free?

Yes, this software is 100% free and runs in your browser: no need for a license file or anything to install.

Just launch the software and enjoy it.

Where is the catch?

There's no catch at all; to support website's costs and keep it free for everybody, I offer my step-by-step, comprehensive chords, scales and progressions ebooks, learn more here.

What Device Do I Need To Run The Software?

All the learning software listed here below run online in the browser , you don't need to download or install anything.

You just need a computer/tablet able to run a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+.

The software works on Windows, Linux, Android and Apple systems.

Using these learning tools along with our complete reference ebooks , will take your guitar skills to the next level!

Are Alternate Tunings Available?

Yes, they are!

Do you play a 7 strings guitar , alternate tunings , or even bass , mandolin , ukulele or whatever stringed instrument?

No problem, all our online learning tools have an option for setting the tuning and instrument you like.

Is There An Version For Left-Handed Guitarits?

All the learning software tools come with an option for setting the orientation for left-handed guitar player.

Important! For the lefties, I also have created two complete left-handed chords and progressions ebooks, check them out!

I would like a downloadable/installable/desktop version of the guitar learning software

At the moment I'm working on a comprehensive desktop version for Windows systems .
Compared to guitar browser games, it will be faster, with better sounds and more powerful features.

Interactive Guitar Software - Conclusions

These software to learn guitar have been originally developed for helping our guitar students, they turned out to work great so we decided to make all this stuff available for free to the worldwide guitar community.

Most important, it's developed by guitar players for guitar players : here we speak the same language, so we can focus together on just one thing: making you better at playing guitar

Even if you already use online guitar lessons , these interactive guitar tools will help you tremendously get better at playing guitar .

If you want to suggest specific features or other ideas, please send a message here .

Your feedback is highly appreciated, thanks!