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Welcome to the Guitar Learning Software overview page! Here will find some free applications that have been designed to help you master different aspects of playing guitar and music in general: chords, scales, progressions, fretboard notes memorization and navigation, ear training, speed picking and rhythm. All the learning software listed here below run in the browser, you don't need to download or install anything. And, of course, are easy and free to use:

3 Reasons why you will love FaChords Guitar Learning Software

  1. You can use it for free as much as you want: nothing to pay, no registration required, no annoying pop-up or banners, (just useful tips)
  2. You don't need to download/install anything: all the software run in the browser thus you can enjoy the tools on Windows, Mac and Linux systems
  3. Developed by guitar players for guitar players: here we speak the same language, so we can focus together on just one thing: making you better at playing guitar

These software to learn guitar have been originally developed for helping our guitar students, they turned out to work great so we decided to make all this stuff available for free to the worldwide guitar community. Even if you already use the best online guitar lessons, these interactive guitar tools will help you tremendously get better at playing guitar.

FaChords Interactive Guitar Tools - Full List:

Fretboard Trainer
Memorize all the notes on the fretboard easy and fast

guitar fretboard memorization online game How to learn notes on guitar fretboard? This tool will help you memorize notes on the fretboard in a fun way. You can challenge other guitar players and get your chance to be at the top of leaderboard!

Guitar Scales Generator
Learn scales and arpeggios all along the fretboard

guitar scale generator From the most common guitar scales to the strangest exotic arpeggios, with the help of this tool you will learn how to play over 40 scales and arpeggios, in all music keys and in different fretboard areas.

Guitar Modes Interactive Chart
Finally understand what modes are and play them on guitar

guitar modes chart - interactive tool This interactive tool shows you the structure, notes and chords for each mode. It also visualizes the fretboard diagrams for modes created from the major, harmonic minor and melodic minor scales. If you never understood modes, this tool will be helpful.

Fretboard Intervals Trainer
Master intervals on the fretboard like a ninja

free fretboard trainer This tool will help you learn how to navigate the fretboard effortlessly. It contains drills of notes and fretboard geometry: open strings, natural, sharps and flats notes, octaves, thirds and fifths intervals. The tool has progressive difficulty levels and allows you to set the fretboard area you want to practice on.

Guitar Chords Finder
Learn chords fingerings in different fretboard area

online guitar chords finder Learn the fingerings for more than 50 chords, in different fretboard area. The tool shows you the chord diagrams and plays tones by tones, so you can check if your fingers are placed correctly on the fretboard. No more buzz or wrong notes!

Chords Ear Training Game
Get able to recognize different types of chords

chords recognition ear training software What if you could tell, listening to a chord, if it is major, minor, diminished, dominant seventh or whatever type? This tool will train your ear and will make able to recognize the different chord qualities by simply listening to them.

Guitar Ear Training Game
Develop your aural skills and apply them on the neck

interval ear training software

Connect ear, mind and fingers! This tool allows you to practice interval ear training directly on the guitar fretboard. Little by little you'll become aware of the sound that a given fret produces, before playing it!

Chord Progression Generator
Learn how to improvise over a chords sequence

backing tracks generator software With the help of this tool, you can quickly create chord progressions with chords of all types, and visualize the tones composing the chords directly on the fretboard. This works great for improvisation and solos, as you can use the tones composing the chords as main notes for your melodies.

Online Drum Machine
Develop your inner sense of rhythm and master time signatures

guitar speed trainer software If you need an easy and fast drum machine, this tool is for you. You can create on the fly rhythmic patterns, in different time signatures and tempos. Plus, the speed trainer feature will help you improve your speed on guitar , pushing out of your comfort speed, but in a controlled way.

Video Lessons Finder
Learn with the best free lessons on the Web

guitar lessons finder This tool allows you to search quickly the best free online guitar lessons on the Internet. Want to know more chords, soloing, or music theory? Just enter your query and enjoy the free lessons

Guitar Learning Software: the FAQ

  • What are the specs to run the software?
    You don't need to install anything. All the tools run online in the browser. You just need a computer/tablet able to run a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+. The software works on Windows, Linux, Android and Apple systems.
  • How much does it cost?
    Nothing. The software tools are provided free of charge, as well as the guitar ebooks and the other sections of this site (check the top menu to learn how FaChords Guitar Lessons & Software can help you)
  • I would like a downloadable/installable/desktop version of the guitar learning software
    At the moment I'm completing a comprehensive desktop version for Windows systems. Compared to guitar browser games, it will be faster, with better sounds and more powerful features. If you want a beta version, or want to suggest specific features or other ideas, please drop a comment in section at the bottom of this page. Your feedback is highly appreciated, thanks!

Third party Guitar Recording Software

third party software review In this section you'll find information about the best interactive software for recording, transcribing and composing music. Read reviews and guide about popular and well-established applications such as Amplitube or Guitar Pro, and discover less-known but awesome software such as Chordpulse. Learn more here.

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