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free online interactive guitar learning software

This guitar learning software has been designed specifically to help you practice different aspects of playing guitar and music in general: chords, scales, progressions, fretboard notes memorization, ear training, speed picking and rhythm. Just pick one of the interactive tools listed below and start improving your skills now. All these software and games run in the browser, you don't need to download or install anything. Even if you already use the best online guitar lessons, these learning apps will help you tremendously get better at playing guitar.

guitar fretboard memorization online game

How to learn notes on guitar fretboard? This tool will help you memorize notes on the fretboard in a fun way. You can challenge other guitar players and get your chance to be at the top of leaderboard!

guitar scale generator

From the most common guitar scale to the strangest exotic arpeggio, you will learn fingering and sound of over 40 scales and arpeggios, in all musical keys and on different fretboard area.

free fretboard trainer

A complete tool useful to master fretboard geometry: open strings, natural, sharps and flats notes, octaves, thirds and fifths intervals, progressive difficulty levels, adjustable working area.

Chords finder: become a songs master

Interactive guitar chord generator. Over 120 chords fingerings; Audio playback of the chords tones, different fingering patterns, drum audio track.

chords recognition ear training software

Chords ear training: recognize different chord qualities (major, minor, dominant, seventh, diminished, augmented and more) and compete for the top of the leaderboard.

Interval Ear Training: instantly find intervals on the fretboard

Train you ear on musical interval recognition visualizing the notes on the guitar fretboard. You will internalize musical intervals while having fun.

backing tracks generator software

Develop your improvisation skills: set a chords progression and play your guitar over. See the tones composing the chords and use them in your melodies.

guitar lessons finder

This tool allows you to search quickly the best free online guitar lessons on the Internet. Want to know more chords, soloing, or music theory? Just enter your query and enjoy the free lessons

Speed Trainer: improve your playing speed and sense of rhythm

A rhythm station with automatic BPM speed increase. Create rhythm patterns on the fly, set time signatures (4/4, 7/8, 3/4, and much more), and learn how to play fast and accurately.

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Guitar Learning Software: the FAQ

  • What are the specs to run the software?
    You don't need to install anything. All the tools run online in the browser. You just need a computer/tablet decent enough to run a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+.
  • How much does it cost?
    Nothing. The software tools are provided free of charge, as well as the guitar ebooks and the other sections of this site (check the top menu to learn about how this site can help you)
  • I would like a downloadable/installable/desktop version of the guitar learning software
    At the moment I'm completing a comprehensive desktop version for Windows systems. Compared to guitar browser games, it will be faster, with better sounds and more powerful features. If you want a beta version, or want to request specific features, please feel free to email me here, and join the mailing list to stay updated. Your feedback is highly appreciated!

If you have any questions, comments or request for new features that you would like to be included on these guitar learning software, feel free to write me.

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