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how to find a good guitar for beginner

One of the hardest things to do when you want to get into playing the guitar is to find the guitar itself.

You’re going to want something that is relatively inexpensive – but still relatively high quality.

Years ago “cheap” always meant settling for something that was poorly made. You’d have to settle for things like a warped guitar neck, sub-standard hardware, lousy electronics, etc.

Thankfully that’s not the case anymore. Lots of the big guitar manufacturers recognize how important entry level guitars are to new aspiring musicians, and they’ve made some great strides to produce models that just as reasonable as they are affordable.

If it’s a cool new electric guitar you crave, then here’s how you can find one for reasonably cheap:

Tips to Find a Good Guitar for Beginners:

1) See your options on Amazon:

Amazon is quickly becoming one of the largest retailers in the world thanks to its global presence in dominance in just about every category you can imagine.

Electric guitars are no exception!

You can easily narrow down your search criteria to “electric guitars” and then filter the price to whatever your budget is. Just like that, you’ll see all your options.

2) How does the guitar rank on Amazon?

Even if you don’t plan on making a purchase direct from Amazon, they can still help you pick out the best electric guitar by providing a wealth of information in the reviews section of their products page. There you’ll reviews from real customers who already bought the instrument and either loved it or hated it.

3) What does YouTube have to say about it??

Let’s say you do end up picking out a good beginner electric guitar that got great reviews on Amazon. Should you stop there? No – there are other places you’ll want to check to make sure you’re not buying a lemon.

The next place I usually turn to is YouTube. YouTube is great for guitar reviews because usually the video will contain a few minutes of the musician actually playing the instrument and giving their feedback about what they like or don’t like about it.

Believe me – if there’s something wrong with it, they’ll have no problem being vocal about it!

4) Play it for yourself:

The last thing to do (if it’s possible) is to go play the guitar for yourself at a local guitar shop or retailer. Sometimes this is not always practical as many more guitars are available online than what a local shop carries in their inventory. However sometimes you get lucky and you’ll get an opportunity to play it first hand.

If you do, then see for yourself if it’s a good fit. Look for things like:

  • How does it sound?
  • How does it handle?
  • Is the action on the strings good? Are you fighting them to make a chord?
  • How does the construction feel?
  • Does the hardware look cheap?
  • Do the electronics make a lot of “pops” or noise when the guitar is idle?

These are all important things you’ll want to know about before you commit to the instrument for the next few years.

Whether you get the chance to actually play the guitar first hand or not, go for whoever offers you the best price for your choice instrument. In my experience I tend to find better prices online. This is natural because retailers can use things like direct sales and drop shipping to reduce their inventory costs and sell to you at a bargain price. That works for me!

Thankfully due to the accessibility of the Internet and the availability of quality instruments, finding a good guitar for beginners is not quite as much a struggle as it used to be only a few years back. Take advantage of these opportunities and hook yourself up with a great quality axe at a fraction of the price!

This post was written by DW from, a website that is all about finding and reviewing the best beginner guitars that the Internet has to offer.

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