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The "secret" of alternate picking masters

There is a "secret" that alternate picking shredders know: picking inside two strings is more difficult than picking outside. Have you ever experienced this issue? Well, this is a very common problem called "Inside picking". Particular attention is needed on this kind of motion if you want to really master alternate picking.

In the interactive guitar tabs above, you find 4 exercises specifically created to challenge you with the difficulties of inside picking.

Try to strictly follow the direction of the picking. In the tab, there are two symbols:

  • U: upstroke, you should pick the string from the bottom to the top
  • D: down-stroke, you should pick the string from the top to the bottom

That is. If you follow the picking direction notation, these simple exercises have the common characteristic to always keep your pick "inside" the strings. Practice these drills every day, play them at low speed and increase the bpm little by little. Your picking technique will shine!

The video below presents an awesome analysis of picking mechanics and how to overcome the main difficulties of alternate picking (have your ever heard of pickslanting?)

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