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Pentatonic Scale Guitar Tab

How to play the pentatonic scale on guitar

The pentatonic scale is one of the most common scales used in rock, blues, jazz and pop music. The guitar tab shown above is perfect for beginners: its fingering starts from the 5th fret so no big stretches are required.

As the name suggests, the pentatonic scale is composed of 5 notes. In the case of our guitar tab pattern the notes are A C D E G A played for 2 octaves.

Here are some suggestions for an happy and fruitful practice:

  • Practice this tab as much as you can, it will be the foundation for building more complex guitar solos.
  • Regarding the right hand technique, you should use alternate picking.
  • For a more complete practice, play the scale twice: the first time starting with a down-stroke, and the second starting with an up-stroke. In this way, you'll encounter all the kinds of right-hand movements.
  • Use one finger per fret. You start with the index on the 5th fret, using the ring finger for the notes on the 7th frets and the pinkie for the 8th fret. Your left hand does not move but stay in place.

Once you have this guitar tab under your belt, you could add the so-called blue note, for a more bluesy sound. The blue note for this scale is the Eb, you find it on the 5th (A) string at the 6th fret, and on the 3rd string (G) at the 8th fret. Try it out!