Easy Trick To Break Out Of The Pentatonic Scale Box

Learn How To Play The Pentatonic Scale Along All The Fretboard

The Problem with The 4 Frets Pentatonic Pattern

The 4 frets pentatonic scale box on the 5th fret is a handy and easy pattern that everybody should know.

It allows playing rock and blues lines in a comfortable position.

But there is a problem.

If you have spent enough time on this shape, you should have noticed that it traps you in its 4 frets box.

Probably you found yourself playing the same things again and again, driven by muscle memory and not by your inner melodic sense.

The Solution

This is a common problem with box scale shapes: we learn the patterns, memorize it, and then we stay trapped in this position. But the fretboard has more than 4 frets!

In this quick tutorial, we're going to see how to use the pentatonic scale across all the fretboard, transforming the pentatonic box shape in an extended pattern that will give you more freedom and options.

Have a look at the video above or at the images below to learn this easy trick.

Enjoy it!

This is our well known pentatonic box at fret 5th

This is the classic pattern that every beginner solo guitarist knows.

pentatonic scale box

Expanding the box

We just have to copy a scale fragment (b7 1 b3 and 4) one octave down and one octave up.

pentatonic scale box

We can shift up and down the neck now

Now we can play our pentatonic also moving horizontally on the fretboard.

pentatonic scale box

Last step: adding two more notes

Finally, we add to the pattern the Fifth, below on the 6th string and on the 1st string.

pentatonic scale box

That's all! now you can play furious pentatonic runs literally up and down the neck. Don't forget to subscribe to get updates and free guitar pdf.