Guitar Fretboard in 3D

A New Way To Look At The Freboard

3d guitar fretboard If you follow FaChords Guitar for some time, you already know that I try to help understand the fretboard in the most effective ways (with lessons, interactive tools, and ebooks with advanced diagrams). In this post, I want to propose a new way to look at the fretboard, using the third dimension.

Yep, I've created a 3d model of the fretboard (using an open-source CAD software, FreeCAD), basically a sort of LEGO guitar fretboard, that hopefully will give you some insights on how to navigate the fretboard.

In this model, the heights of the frets are proportional to the pitches, so that you can visualize the different sounds on the neck. For example, the height of the A note on the 6th string (5th fret), is equal to the fret 0 of the 5th string (that is still an A)

This is just an experiment, so please write me a message or share comments and feedback in the section below. Happy fretboard!

3D Model of The Guitar Fretboard

The heights of the frets are proportional to their pitches

Each note is mapped with its own color:

  • C
  • C#/Db
  • D
  • D#/Eb
  • E
  • F
  • F#/Gb
  • G
  • G#/Ab
  • A
  • A#/Bb
  • B
3d model of the guitar fretboard, perspective 1
3d model of the guitar fretboard, perspective 2
3d model of the guitar fretboard, perspective 3
3d model of the guitar fretboard, perspective 4

You can download the FreeCad 3d fretboard model here (warning: this is only for CAD users, because you'll need FreeCAD to open this file. Anyway, I've planned to create a 3d interactive version for you all, stay tuned) .

Hope you've found these images useful. If you have feedback please write me, and don't forget to subscribe to get updates and free guitar pdf.

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