Dreamy Guitar Images

Playing with Artificial Intelligence to Generate Bizarre Guitar Pictures

Today I've spent some time playing with one of latest advancements in the artificial intelligence. To make things fun and interesting for you, I tried to apply all the machinery to our beloved guitar, and here below you can see some of the results.

It has been an enjoyable adventure, hope it will provide some nice moments also to you.

An AI that can created (guitar related) images given a textual description

The tool I used is MidJourney AI Art Generator, a groundbreaking software that can generate art from a simple textual description.

In the last years, we've seen several experiments made by Google and other tech giants, with results spanning from good to awkwards, but this time it seems that we have a bingo.

Some AI Generated Guitar Images

Here below you find the outcome of my experimenting:

This is how the AI imagines "a guitar made of glass":

guitar made of glass

I'm Italian so I had to try to create a metaphysical guitar:

metaphysical guitar

Any article citing bizarre images must have a "Steampunk guitar player":

steampunk guitar

And these are some picks of the guy shown above:

steampunk pink

Have you ever dreamt of playing guitar at the top of Everest?

playing guitar at the top of Everest

Literally "My guitar gently weeps"

my guitar gently weeps

A Frank Zappa inspired imagine, with Frank cooking some guitar parts.

Frank Zappa cooking

Once, those two guys had a band together. Then they split apart. Now the AI makes them have fun together once again.

James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine together

Another killer guitar duo:

Jimi Hendrix and Eric Claption together

A music book, with chord diagrams, fretboard and scales, from ancient times.

Ancient guitar book

An electric guitar designed by Leonardo da Vinci:

guitar designed by Leonardo da Vinci

Now I fully understand the alien guitar secrets from a past Steve Vai masterclass I attended:

Steve vai alien guitar secrets

Django Reinhardt's nightmares

Django Gipsy Jazz

If you are like me a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, you'll enjoy seeing him playing an acoustic guitar:

HP Lovecraft plays guitar

How To Generate Your Own Images

To play a bit with Midjourney and create your images (guitar or not guitar related), you have to join this Discord server.

Then, enter in a newcomer room, such as "newbie-45"

Lastly, you can ask the system to generate an image, by typing /imagine followed by a text describing what's you have in mind.

After some seconds, you'll enjoy an AI generated art image based on your words.

You can create up to 25 images for free.

I think that these are exciting and scary times at the same time. If an AI can generate text, images, and even composing music, on a massive scale, the web will be overwhelmed by auto-generated content (this is already happening actually).

Will we be able to discern the good from the bad in such a mess of information?

I don't know, but in the meantime, we could ask the system to create a graphic project for the prompt: "most beautiful guitar in the world", put our luthier hat on, and build that guitar with real wood!