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Innovative Fretboard Harmony Lessons Series

If you take this course...

  • You'll be able to navigate the fretboard horizontally and vertically: fully express yourself with total freedom
  • You'll stop relying on fixed shapes and boxes memorization, but you'll start thinking in terms of colors and right notes
  • You'll know tons of alternative options for generating chords: create infinite chordal options all along the fretboard
fretboard theory

About this course:

John March, a long time student of the late Ted Greene, has created an innovative lessons series that opens up a fresh way to view the guitar fretboard. A different way to think, introducing the idea of how chords work and how to develop a vocabulary.

With these lessons, you'll take a new look at the fretboard and learn where to find a voicing that works. There are techniques that simplify the fretboard and steps that can be taken to find the chord you are looking for. Learn more here.

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