Scales and Arpeggios Finder

Learn how to play scales and arpeggios all along the freboard

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  • Select the scale note root and type (e.g. C major scale)
  • Set the fingering as you like: 4 frets box, 3 notes per string, diagonal patterns and so forth
  • Set the BPM speed of the playback

This tool comes with a free companion 84 Guitar Scales and Arpeggios Patterns ebook

About this tool

about the tool I'm Gianca, I live in Italy, I'm a guitar teacher and a software engineer. I originally created this site and its interactive software to be a tool for my students, and now it's available, for free, to anyone looking to get better at guitar. If you need help with the software, feel free to write me. Don't forget to explore the site, there are a lot of resoursce for learning the guitar. I've put together this welcome page

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