Why you should learn to play guitar

Paul Gilbert tells you why playing guitar is awesome

Paul Gilbert, one of the greatest rock guitarists in the world, tells us why you should learn guitar . " In the beginning, playing is hard, but if you hang in there for a year, you will have a fantastic adventure. Playing allows you to make the music you feel in your head become real, and this is the best feeling on earth. "

You can express what you have in mind

Paul says: one day will come when you will be old and retire from your job, and, at what point, you will ask yourself, "What am I doing now?" At that moment, you will be happy to have something exciting to which you can continuously dedicate yourself, like playing the guitar!

Seriously, I think the best thing about playing an instrument, not necessarily the guitar, is when someone hears music in their head, they can imagine, invent melodies and have the chance to make them real by performing them!

I was an eight-year-old boy when I sang certain melodies and riffs in my head, and I looked at my guitar, wondering how I could get those notes out

If you can, through your instrument, create a connection between what you have in your head and the outside world, you will be doing the most beautiful thing in the universe.

You can play what you've listened to

The same goes for the music you heard on the radio or Youtube: reproducing something you like, that remained in your head playing it on the guitar is fantastic; I have lots of fun playing the covers I love.

In short, listening to music, loving it is amazing. But if you go to the other side and learn how to play an instrument, you can recreate or do your music, then it becomes something crazy, it's like a drug.

Because you can control the music, you can create it and benefit not only from its energy but also from the energy of the people who listen to you and who - in turn - are overwhelmed by it.

In the beginning it will not be easy, but don't give up

Of course, everything is not immediately so fantastic: when you start playing, for the first year, you will be unpleasant to listen to, and you will have to deal with the sore at your fingertips!

Trust me: it was like that for me too! But fortunately, I was nine years old, and I was so motivated to play that I did not give up.

After a year you will have calluses that protect your fingertips, you will start playing better and better, and a wonderful adventure will begin!

Paul Gilbert teaches you guitar

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