How to read chords diagrams

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Fingers numbers:

  • 1: index
  • 2: middle
  • 3: ring
  • 4: pinky
chord chart for guitar

In the diagrams, the fretboard is shown vertically, with the thickest string on the left. So you have, from left to right:
E low string, A string, D strings, G string, B string, E high strings.

In the diagrams, above each string, if you see a X, that means that you don't play the string. If you see the 0, that means that you play the string open, without press any frets.

If you see a circled number on a fret on a string (1, 2, 3 or 4), that means that you have to press the fret with the given finger (1: index, 2 middle, 3 ring, 4 pinky)

The frets numbers are placed on the left of the neck, listed vertically

Below you see a picture with an example for the C major chord:

  • you play the E low string open (because of the 0 above the string)
  • you press the 3rd fret with the ring finger (because of the circled 3 placed on the 3rd fret)
  • you press the 2nd fret with the middle finger (because of the circled 2 placed on the 2nd fret)
  • you press the 1st fret with the index finder (because of the circled 1 placed on the 1st fret)
  • and finally you play the E high string open, without press any fret (because of the 0 above the string)

C major chord position 1 chart diagram

C major chord position 1 chart diagram

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