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E m(maj9) Description

This chord is made up of the Root, Minor Third, Perfect Fifth, Major Seventh, and Major Ninth

Name variations for the E Minor Major Ninth chord:

  • E Minor Major Ninth
  • E Min Maj 9
  • Em(maj9)

The Em(maj9) chord is composed of the notes E, G, B, D#, and F#

Learn 1 positions for this chord

Position 1

Fingers Positions

  • Let the low E string play without pressing any fret
  • Place your index finger (1) on the fret 7 of the B and high E strings at the same time
  • Place your middle finger (2) on the fret 8 of the G string
  • Place your ring finger (3) on the fret 9 of the D string
  • Place your pinky finger (4) on the fret 10 of the A string

Position Characteristics

  • This position requires barre
  • This position uses open strings

Audio file

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