Accessible Guitar Chord Diagrams

Textual Guitar Chord Descriptions for Screen Reader Software

On this page you find a list of link to guitar chord diagrams provided in textual form, so impaired vision people can use a screen reader software to learn how to play chords. You'll find written instructions on how to place your fingers on the neck, as well as an mp3 playing the chord one string at a time.

Chords in the key of A

A Major Chords chords

A 6 chords

A 6-9 chords

A maj chords

A add9 chords

A maj7 chords

A maj9 chords

A maj13 chords

A 6-sharp-11 chords

A Augmented Chords chords

A aug chords

A 7-sharp-5 chords

A 9-sharp-5 chords

A 13-sharp-5 chords

A aug-sharp-11 chords

A maj7-sharp-5 chords

A Minor Chords chords

A m chords

A m6 chords

A m7 chords

A m9 chords

A m11 chords

A m13 chords

A m6-9 chords

A m-maj7 chords

A m-maj9 chords

A Dominant Chords chords

A 7 chords

A 9 chords

A 11 chords

A 13 chords

A 7b5 chords

A 9b5 chords

A 7-b9 chords

A 13-b9 chords

A 7-b13 chords

A 7-sharp-9 chords

A 13-sharp-9 chords

A 7-sharp-11 chords

A 9-sharp-11 chords

A 13-sharp-11 chords

A Diminished Chords chords

A dim chords

A dim7 chords

A m7b5 chords

A Suspended/Power Chords chords

A 5 chords

A sus2 chords

A sus4 chords

A 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of Ab

AB Major Chords chords

Ab 6 chords

Ab 6-9 chords

Ab maj chords

Ab add9 chords

Ab maj7 chords

Ab maj9 chords

Ab maj13 chords

Ab 6-sharp-11 chords

AB Augmented Chords chords

Ab aug chords

Ab 7-sharp-5 chords

Ab 9-sharp-5 chords

Ab 13-sharp-5 chords

Ab aug-sharp-11 chords

Ab maj7-sharp-5 chords

AB Minor Chords chords

Ab m chords

Ab m6 chords

Ab m7 chords

Ab m9 chords

Ab m11 chords

Ab m13 chords

Ab m6-9 chords

Ab m-maj7 chords

Ab m-maj9 chords

AB Dominant Chords chords

Ab 7 chords

Ab 9 chords

Ab 11 chords

Ab 13 chords

Ab 7b5 chords

Ab 9b5 chords

Ab 7-b9 chords

Ab 13-b9 chords

Ab 7-b13 chords

Ab 7-sharp-9 chords

Ab 13-sharp-9 chords

Ab 7-sharp-11 chords

Ab 9-sharp-11 chords

Ab 13-sharp-11 chords

AB Diminished Chords chords

Ab dim chords

Ab dim7 chords

Ab m7b5 chords

AB Suspended/Power Chords chords

Ab 5 chords

Ab sus2 chords

Ab sus4 chords

Ab 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of A#

A# Major Chords chords

A# 6 chords

A# 6-9 chords

A# maj chords

A# add9 chords

A# maj7 chords

A# maj9 chords

A# maj13 chords

A# 6-sharp-11 chords

A# Augmented Chords chords

A# aug chords

A# 7-sharp-5 chords

A# 9-sharp-5 chords

A# 13-sharp-5 chords

A# aug-sharp-11 chords

A# maj7-sharp-5 chords

A# Minor Chords chords

A# m chords

A# m6 chords

A# m7 chords

A# m9 chords

A# m11 chords

A# m13 chords

A# m6-9 chords

A# m-maj7 chords

A# m-maj9 chords

A# Dominant Chords chords

A# 7 chords

A# 9 chords

A# 11 chords

A# 13 chords

A# 7b5 chords

A# 9b5 chords

A# 7-b9 chords

A# 13-b9 chords

A# 7-b13 chords

A# 7-sharp-9 chords

A# 13-sharp-9 chords

A# 7-sharp-11 chords

A# 9-sharp-11 chords

A# 13-sharp-11 chords

A# Diminished Chords chords

A# dim chords

A# dim7 chords

A# m7b5 chords

A# Suspended/Power Chords chords

A# 5 chords

A# sus2 chords

A# sus4 chords

A# 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of B

B Major Chords chords

B 6 chords

B 6-9 chords

B maj chords

B add9 chords

B maj7 chords

B maj9 chords

B maj13 chords

B 6-sharp-11 chords

B Augmented Chords chords

B aug chords

B 7-sharp-5 chords

B 9-sharp-5 chords

B 13-sharp-5 chords

B aug-sharp-11 chords

B maj7-sharp-5 chords

B Minor Chords chords

B m chords

B m6 chords

B m7 chords

B m9 chords

B m11 chords

B m13 chords

B m6-9 chords

B m-maj7 chords

B m-maj9 chords

B Dominant Chords chords

B 7 chords

B 9 chords

B 11 chords

B 13 chords

B 7b5 chords

B 9b5 chords

B 7-b9 chords

B 13-b9 chords

B 7-b13 chords

B 7-sharp-9 chords

B 13-sharp-9 chords

B 7-sharp-11 chords

B 9-sharp-11 chords

B 13-sharp-11 chords

B Diminished Chords chords

B dim chords

B dim7 chords

B m7b5 chords

B Suspended/Power Chords chords

B 5 chords

B sus2 chords

B sus4 chords

B 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of Bb

BB Major Chords chords

Bb 6 chords

Bb 6-9 chords

Bb maj chords

Bb add9 chords

Bb maj7 chords

Bb maj9 chords

Bb maj13 chords

Bb 6-sharp-11 chords

BB Augmented Chords chords

Bb aug chords

Bb 7-sharp-5 chords

Bb 9-sharp-5 chords

Bb 13-sharp-5 chords

Bb aug-sharp-11 chords

Bb maj7-sharp-5 chords

BB Minor Chords chords

Bb m chords

Bb m6 chords

Bb m7 chords

Bb m9 chords

Bb m11 chords

Bb m13 chords

Bb m6-9 chords

Bb m-maj7 chords

Bb m-maj9 chords

BB Dominant Chords chords

Bb 7 chords

Bb 9 chords

Bb 11 chords

Bb 13 chords

Bb 7b5 chords

Bb 9b5 chords

Bb 7-b9 chords

Bb 13-b9 chords

Bb 7-b13 chords

Bb 7-sharp-9 chords

Bb 13-sharp-9 chords

Bb 7-sharp-11 chords

Bb 9-sharp-11 chords

Bb 13-sharp-11 chords

BB Diminished Chords chords

Bb dim chords

Bb dim7 chords

Bb m7b5 chords

BB Suspended/Power Chords chords

Bb 5 chords

Bb sus2 chords

Bb sus4 chords

Bb 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of C

C Major Chords chords

C 6 chords

C 6-9 chords

C maj chords

C add9 chords

C maj7 chords

C maj9 chords

C maj13 chords

C 6-sharp-11 chords

C Augmented Chords chords

C aug chords

C 7-sharp-5 chords

C 9-sharp-5 chords

C 13-sharp-5 chords

C aug-sharp-11 chords

C maj7-sharp-5 chords

C Minor Chords chords

C m chords

C m6 chords

C m7 chords

C m9 chords

C m11 chords

C m13 chords

C m6-9 chords

C m-maj7 chords

C m-maj9 chords

C Dominant Chords chords

C 7 chords

C 9 chords

C 11 chords

C 13 chords

C 7b5 chords

C 9b5 chords

C 7-b9 chords

C 13-b9 chords

C 7-b13 chords

C 7-sharp-9 chords

C 13-sharp-9 chords

C 7-sharp-11 chords

C 9-sharp-11 chords

C 13-sharp-11 chords

C Diminished Chords chords

C dim chords

C dim7 chords

C m7b5 chords

C Suspended/Power Chords chords

C 5 chords

C sus2 chords

C sus4 chords

C 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of C#

C# Major Chords chords

C# 6 chords

C# 6-9 chords

C# maj chords

C# add9 chords

C# maj7 chords

C# maj9 chords

C# maj13 chords

C# 6-sharp-11 chords

C# Augmented Chords chords

C# aug chords

C# 7-sharp-5 chords

C# 9-sharp-5 chords

C# 13-sharp-5 chords

C# aug-sharp-11 chords

C# maj7-sharp-5 chords

C# Minor Chords chords

C# m chords

C# m6 chords

C# m7 chords

C# m9 chords

C# m11 chords

C# m13 chords

C# m6-9 chords

C# m-maj7 chords

C# m-maj9 chords

C# Dominant Chords chords

C# 7 chords

C# 9 chords

C# 11 chords

C# 13 chords

C# 7b5 chords

C# 9b5 chords

C# 7-b9 chords

C# 13-b9 chords

C# 7-b13 chords

C# 7-sharp-9 chords

C# 13-sharp-9 chords

C# 7-sharp-11 chords

C# 9-sharp-11 chords

C# 13-sharp-11 chords

C# Diminished Chords chords

C# dim chords

C# dim7 chords

C# m7b5 chords

C# Suspended/Power Chords chords

C# 5 chords

C# sus2 chords

C# sus4 chords

C# 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of D

D Major Chords chords

D 6 chords

D 6-9 chords

D maj chords

D add9 chords

D maj7 chords

D maj9 chords

D maj13 chords

D 6-sharp-11 chords

D Augmented Chords chords

D aug chords

D 7-sharp-5 chords

D 9-sharp-5 chords

D 13-sharp-5 chords

D aug-sharp-11 chords

D maj7-sharp-5 chords

D Minor Chords chords

D m chords

D m6 chords

D m7 chords

D m9 chords

D m11 chords

D m13 chords

D m6-9 chords

D m-maj7 chords

D m-maj9 chords

D Dominant Chords chords

D 7 chords

D 9 chords

D 11 chords

D 13 chords

D 7b5 chords

D 9b5 chords

D 7-b9 chords

D 13-b9 chords

D 7-b13 chords

D 7-sharp-9 chords

D 13-sharp-9 chords

D 7-sharp-11 chords

D 9-sharp-11 chords

D 13-sharp-11 chords

D Diminished Chords chords

D dim chords

D dim7 chords

D m7b5 chords

D Suspended/Power Chords chords

D 5 chords

D sus2 chords

D sus4 chords

D 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of Db

DB Major Chords chords

Db 6 chords

Db 6-9 chords

Db maj chords

Db add9 chords

Db maj7 chords

Db maj9 chords

Db maj13 chords

Db 6-sharp-11 chords

DB Augmented Chords chords

Db aug chords

Db 7-sharp-5 chords

Db 9-sharp-5 chords

Db 13-sharp-5 chords

Db aug-sharp-11 chords

Db maj7-sharp-5 chords

DB Minor Chords chords

Db m chords

Db m6 chords

Db m7 chords

Db m9 chords

Db m11 chords

Db m13 chords

Db m6-9 chords

Db m-maj7 chords

Db m-maj9 chords

DB Dominant Chords chords

Db 7 chords

Db 9 chords

Db 11 chords

Db 13 chords

Db 7b5 chords

Db 9b5 chords

Db 7-b9 chords

Db 13-b9 chords

Db 7-b13 chords

Db 7-sharp-9 chords

Db 13-sharp-9 chords

Db 7-sharp-11 chords

Db 9-sharp-11 chords

Db 13-sharp-11 chords

DB Diminished Chords chords

Db dim chords

Db dim7 chords

Db m7b5 chords

DB Suspended/Power Chords chords

Db 5 chords

Db sus2 chords

Db sus4 chords

Db 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of D#

D# Major Chords chords

D# 6 chords

D# 6-9 chords

D# maj chords

D# add9 chords

D# maj7 chords

D# maj9 chords

D# maj13 chords

D# 6-sharp-11 chords

D# Augmented Chords chords

D# aug chords

D# 7-sharp-5 chords

D# 9-sharp-5 chords

D# 13-sharp-5 chords

D# aug-sharp-11 chords

D# maj7-sharp-5 chords

D# Minor Chords chords

D# m chords

D# m6 chords

D# m7 chords

D# m9 chords

D# m11 chords

D# m13 chords

D# m6-9 chords

D# m-maj7 chords

D# m-maj9 chords

D# Dominant Chords chords

D# 7 chords

D# 9 chords

D# 11 chords

D# 13 chords

D# 7b5 chords

D# 9b5 chords

D# 7-b9 chords

D# 13-b9 chords

D# 7-b13 chords

D# 7-sharp-9 chords

D# 13-sharp-9 chords

D# 7-sharp-11 chords

D# 9-sharp-11 chords

D# 13-sharp-11 chords

D# Diminished Chords chords

D# dim chords

D# dim7 chords

D# m7b5 chords

D# Suspended/Power Chords chords

D# 5 chords

D# sus2 chords

D# sus4 chords

D# 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of E

E Major Chords chords

E 6 chords

E 6-9 chords

E maj chords

E add9 chords

E maj7 chords

E maj9 chords

E maj13 chords

E 6-sharp-11 chords

E Augmented Chords chords

E aug chords

E 7-sharp-5 chords

E 9-sharp-5 chords

E 13-sharp-5 chords

E aug-sharp-11 chords

E maj7-sharp-5 chords

E Minor Chords chords

E m chords

E m6 chords

E m7 chords

E m9 chords

E m11 chords

E m13 chords

E m6-9 chords

E m-maj7 chords

E m-maj9 chords

E Dominant Chords chords

E 7 chords

E 9 chords

E 11 chords

E 13 chords

E 7b5 chords

E 9b5 chords

E 7-b9 chords

E 13-b9 chords

E 7-b13 chords

E 7-sharp-9 chords

E 13-sharp-9 chords

E 7-sharp-11 chords

E 9-sharp-11 chords

E 13-sharp-11 chords

E Diminished Chords chords

E dim chords

E dim7 chords

E m7b5 chords

E Suspended/Power Chords chords

E 5 chords

E sus2 chords

E sus4 chords

E 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of Eb

EB Major Chords chords

Eb 6 chords

Eb 6-9 chords

Eb maj chords

Eb add9 chords

Eb maj7 chords

Eb maj9 chords

Eb maj13 chords

Eb 6-sharp-11 chords

EB Augmented Chords chords

Eb aug chords

Eb 7-sharp-5 chords

Eb 9-sharp-5 chords

Eb 13-sharp-5 chords

Eb aug-sharp-11 chords

Eb maj7-sharp-5 chords

EB Minor Chords chords

Eb m chords

Eb m6 chords

Eb m7 chords

Eb m9 chords

Eb m11 chords

Eb m13 chords

Eb m6-9 chords

Eb m-maj7 chords

Eb m-maj9 chords

EB Dominant Chords chords

Eb 7 chords

Eb 9 chords

Eb 11 chords

Eb 13 chords

Eb 7b5 chords

Eb 9b5 chords

Eb 7-b9 chords

Eb 13-b9 chords

Eb 7-b13 chords

Eb 7-sharp-9 chords

Eb 13-sharp-9 chords

Eb 7-sharp-11 chords

Eb 9-sharp-11 chords

Eb 13-sharp-11 chords

EB Diminished Chords chords

Eb dim chords

Eb dim7 chords

Eb m7b5 chords

EB Suspended/Power Chords chords

Eb 5 chords

Eb sus2 chords

Eb sus4 chords

Eb 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of F

F Major Chords chords

F 6 chords

F 6-9 chords

F maj chords

F add9 chords

F maj7 chords

F maj9 chords

F maj13 chords

F 6-sharp-11 chords

F Augmented Chords chords

F aug chords

F 7-sharp-5 chords

F 9-sharp-5 chords

F 13-sharp-5 chords

F aug-sharp-11 chords

F maj7-sharp-5 chords

F Minor Chords chords

F m chords

F m6 chords

F m7 chords

F m9 chords

F m11 chords

F m13 chords

F m6-9 chords

F m-maj7 chords

F m-maj9 chords

F Dominant Chords chords

F 7 chords

F 9 chords

F 11 chords

F 13 chords

F 7b5 chords

F 9b5 chords

F 7-b9 chords

F 13-b9 chords

F 7-b13 chords

F 7-sharp-9 chords

F 13-sharp-9 chords

F 7-sharp-11 chords

F 9-sharp-11 chords

F 13-sharp-11 chords

F Diminished Chords chords

F dim chords

F dim7 chords

F m7b5 chords

F Suspended/Power Chords chords

F 5 chords

F sus2 chords

F sus4 chords

F 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of F#

F# Major Chords chords

F# 6 chords

F# 6-9 chords

F# maj chords

F# add9 chords

F# maj7 chords

F# maj9 chords

F# maj13 chords

F# 6-sharp-11 chords

F# Augmented Chords chords

F# aug chords

F# 7-sharp-5 chords

F# 9-sharp-5 chords

F# 13-sharp-5 chords

F# aug-sharp-11 chords

F# maj7-sharp-5 chords

F# Minor Chords chords

F# m chords

F# m6 chords

F# m7 chords

F# m9 chords

F# m11 chords

F# m13 chords

F# m6-9 chords

F# m-maj7 chords

F# m-maj9 chords

F# Dominant Chords chords

F# 7 chords

F# 9 chords

F# 11 chords

F# 13 chords

F# 7b5 chords

F# 9b5 chords

F# 7-b9 chords

F# 13-b9 chords

F# 7-b13 chords

F# 7-sharp-9 chords

F# 13-sharp-9 chords

F# 7-sharp-11 chords

F# 9-sharp-11 chords

F# 13-sharp-11 chords

F# Diminished Chords chords

F# dim chords

F# dim7 chords

F# m7b5 chords

F# Suspended/Power Chords chords

F# 5 chords

F# sus2 chords

F# sus4 chords

F# 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of G

G Major Chords chords

G 6 chords

G 6-9 chords

G maj chords

G add9 chords

G maj7 chords

G maj9 chords

G maj13 chords

G 6-sharp-11 chords

G Augmented Chords chords

G aug chords

G 7-sharp-5 chords

G 9-sharp-5 chords

G 13-sharp-5 chords

G aug-sharp-11 chords

G maj7-sharp-5 chords

G Minor Chords chords

G m chords

G m6 chords

G m7 chords

G m9 chords

G m11 chords

G m13 chords

G m6-9 chords

G m-maj7 chords

G m-maj9 chords

G Dominant Chords chords

G 7 chords

G 9 chords

G 11 chords

G 13 chords

G 7b5 chords

G 9b5 chords

G 7-b9 chords

G 13-b9 chords

G 7-b13 chords

G 7-sharp-9 chords

G 13-sharp-9 chords

G 7-sharp-11 chords

G 9-sharp-11 chords

G 13-sharp-11 chords

G Diminished Chords chords

G dim chords

G dim7 chords

G m7b5 chords

G Suspended/Power Chords chords

G 5 chords

G sus2 chords

G sus4 chords

G 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of Gb

GB Major Chords chords

Gb 6 chords

Gb 6-9 chords

Gb maj chords

Gb add9 chords

Gb maj7 chords

Gb maj9 chords

Gb maj13 chords

Gb 6-sharp-11 chords

GB Augmented Chords chords

Gb aug chords

Gb 7-sharp-5 chords

Gb 9-sharp-5 chords

Gb 13-sharp-5 chords

Gb aug-sharp-11 chords

Gb maj7-sharp-5 chords

GB Minor Chords chords

Gb m chords

Gb m6 chords

Gb m7 chords

Gb m9 chords

Gb m11 chords

Gb m13 chords

Gb m6-9 chords

Gb m-maj7 chords

Gb m-maj9 chords

GB Dominant Chords chords

Gb 7 chords

Gb 9 chords

Gb 11 chords

Gb 13 chords

Gb 7b5 chords

Gb 9b5 chords

Gb 7-b9 chords

Gb 13-b9 chords

Gb 7-b13 chords

Gb 7-sharp-9 chords

Gb 13-sharp-9 chords

Gb 7-sharp-11 chords

Gb 9-sharp-11 chords

Gb 13-sharp-11 chords

GB Diminished Chords chords

Gb dim chords

Gb dim7 chords

Gb m7b5 chords

GB Suspended/Power Chords chords

Gb 5 chords

Gb sus2 chords

Gb sus4 chords

Gb 7sus4 chords

Chords in the key of G#

G# Major Chords chords

G# 6 chords

G# 6-9 chords

G# maj chords

G# add9 chords

G# maj7 chords

G# maj9 chords

G# maj13 chords

G# 6-sharp-11 chords

G# Augmented Chords chords

G# aug chords

G# 7-sharp-5 chords

G# 9-sharp-5 chords

G# 13-sharp-5 chords

G# aug-sharp-11 chords

G# maj7-sharp-5 chords

G# Minor Chords chords

G# m chords

G# m6 chords

G# m7 chords

G# m9 chords

G# m11 chords

G# m13 chords

G# m6-9 chords

G# m-maj7 chords

G# m-maj9 chords

G# Dominant Chords chords

G# 7 chords

G# 9 chords

G# 11 chords

G# 13 chords

G# 7b5 chords

G# 9b5 chords

G# 7-b9 chords

G# 13-b9 chords

G# 7-b13 chords

G# 7-sharp-9 chords

G# 13-sharp-9 chords

G# 7-sharp-11 chords

G# 9-sharp-11 chords

G# 13-sharp-11 chords

G# Diminished Chords chords

G# dim chords

G# dim7 chords

G# m7b5 chords

G# Suspended/Power Chords chords

G# 5 chords

G# sus2 chords

G# sus4 chords

G# 7sus4 chords