8 Essential Arpeggios

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free 8 guitar arpeggios essential pdf ebookDo you want to know a way for improving your guitar solos? Then you must learn how to play arpeggios! Often, talking about guitar soloing, the first thing that comes in mind are scales. Pentatonic, majors, minors, modals, diminished, of course there are really tons of different scales that you can use in your melodic solos. But another powerful weapon that you should include in your arsenal are arpeggios.

What are arpeggios

major guitar arpeggio root on sixth string

Basically, playing an arpeggio means playing in succession (one after the other) the notes that compose a chord, both ascending or descending. Playing arpeggios is a great way to highlight the backing harmony of a musical piece, and to play harmonically with the rest of the band.

If your solos sound too much scalar, closed, boring, give arpeggios a try. You'll gain better musicality and your technique will improve. Indeed, as you'll see in the pdf ebook, arpeggios often have fingerings with just 1 or 2 notes per strings, and practicing these patterns (with alternate picking or sweep picking) will give a great benefit to fingers dexterity and coordination.

Arpeggio types

We can have different kind of arpeggios. In the pdf ebook you'll the most common 8 guitar arpeggios:

1) Major arpeggios
2) Minor arpeggios
3) Dominant seventh arpeggios
4) Major seventh arpeggios
5) Minor seventh arpeggios
6) Flat five arpeggios
7) Minor seventh/flat five arpeggios
8) Diminished arpeggios

chord structure

The ebook contains arpeggios patterns with the root on the sixth and the fifth string both.

Keep in mind that the proposed patterns are not fixed, there exist different correct ways to play the same arpeggio, you can change the shapes as you need, if you know how the fretboard works.

minor seventh arpeggio root on fifth string

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