Guitar Fretboard Theory Lessons

Learn note names, intervals, inversions, chords construction

guitar fretboard theory lessonsLearning the fretboard is definitely the best thing to do if you want to really improve your musical and improvisation skills. Being able to move freely up and down the neck is the best feeling you can have on the guitar! On this page you find resources that will hep you master the fretboard like a pro!

Fretboard Navigation Tricks

Fretboard Navigation Tricks article icon

In this Q&A post 11 guitar experts share their strategies to manage the guitar fretboard. Discover different approaches and tricks to facilitate fingerboard navigation.. Read more

Guitar Fretboard Theory | Part 2

Guitar Fretboard Theory | Part 2 article icon

This is the second part of the guitar fretboard theory lessons series. We're going to study thirds and fifths intervals and you'll get able to play any major and minor chord on every part of the neck.. Read more

Augmented and diminished triads

Augmented and diminished triads article icon

Guitar triads explained part 2: we're going to learn augmented and diminished triads. These kinds of triads create a dissonance and tension that must be resolved into a more relaxed chord .. Read more

Improve your fretboard knowledge with one simple exercise

Improve your fretboard knowledge with one simple exercise article icon

In this article you'll learn an amazing, quick and simple exercise that will completely turn upside-down your fretboard knowledge, and improve the way you play guitar. It's all about breaking the cage of a vertical vision of the fretboard... Read more

Guitar triads explained

Guitar triads explained article icon

Guitar triads explained: in this article we will learn how to play triads on guitar and triads shapes and inversions, in particular for minor and major triads. Triads are a powerful weapon!.. Read more

Guitar Fretboard Notes Trainer

Guitar Fretboard Notes Trainer article icon

Learn the guitar fretboard notes: here is the definitive free software to memorize the neck notes in an easy way, even if you are a complete beginner. Notes map pdf diagrams included.. Read more

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