Am7b5 Guitar Chords Explained | A Minor Seventh Flat five

A m7b5 position 1 guitar chord diagram

The intervals composing the Am7b5 chord are Root, Minor Third, diminished Fifth, and Minor Seventh

This chord is also spelled in the following ways:

  • A Minor Seventh Flat Five
  • A Half-diminished Seventh
  • A Half-diminished 7
  • A Ø7
  • A M7-5
  • A Min7-5
  • Am7b5

This chord is composed of the notes A, C, Eb, and G

Notes in the A m7b5 chord:


How the Minor Seventh Flat five chord is built:


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How To Play The A Minor Seventh Flat five chord on guitar

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Position 1

A m7b5 position 1 guitar chord diagram

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