E maj7 chord fretboard diagram

About this chord:

This chord is a major triad (root, major third, perfect fifth) with a major seventh.
In some diagrams this chord is indicated as: In other online resources you may find this chord denoted as: E major seventh E M7 E ?7

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Position 1

Learn the E maj7 guitar chord. Fretboard position 1 image

Position 2

Diagram for E maj7 guitar chord. Fretboard position 2 image

Position 3

E maj7 chord fretboard diagram. Fretboard position 3 image

Fingers notation: 1 = index, 2 = middle, 3 = ring, 4 = pinky. Click here to learn more.

E maj7 chord fretboard diagram: Interactive Chord Tabs

Click on the play button to listen to the chords and visualize the patterns

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Chord Structure:

1 3 5 7


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