F7 Guitar Chord | How To Create and Play the F Dominant Seventh chord

F 7 position 1 guitar chord diagram

The F Dominant Seventh chord is made up of the Root, Major Third, Perfect Fifth, and Minor Seventh

The F Dominant Seventh chord is spelled in the following ways:

  • F Dominant Seventh
  • F Dom
  • F7

This chord is made up of the notes F, A, C, and Eb

Notes in the F 7 chord:


Tones of the Dominant Seventh chord:


F7 Guitar Chord Diagrams

Chord boxes are sorted from the easiest to the hardest. Learn how to read chord diagrams.

If you have difficulties with bar chord shapes, check the Bar Chords Tips tutorial.

Position 1

F 7 position 4 guitar chord diagram

Position 2

F 7 position 7 guitar chord diagram

Position 3

F 7 position 8 guitar chord diagram

Position 4

F 7 position 2 guitar chord diagram

Position 5

F 7 position 6 guitar chord diagram

Position 6

F 7 position 9 guitar chord diagram

Position 7

F 7 position 11 guitar chord diagram

Position 8

F 7 position 10 guitar chord diagram

Position 9

F 7 position 3 guitar chord diagram

Position 10

F 7 position 1 guitar chord diagram

Position 11

F 7 position 5 guitar chord diagram

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F7 Chord Tutorial

Once again before we practice some different positions for F7 let’s take a look at what notes make this chord up.

Remember the notes for the F major scale are:


An F major triad or chord is made up of the root , major third , and fifth note of that scale, thus F major is:


Now an F7 is otherwise known as a dominant seventh , and to make a dominant seventh chord we use the formula; root, major third, fifth, and minor seventh.

So the F7 chord will be made up of the notes:


As mentioned before there are multiple seventh chords that exist and the dominant seventh is the most important of all.

Where to use F7 dominant chord

The main function of the dominant seventh is to lead up to a tonic resolution. For example, one very common place you will find dominant sevenths is in blues music and the seventh is often played right before the root or tonic chord.

The dominant seventh is often used in rock n roll, pop, and blues. Try playing the progression:


Now play:


you will notice how different it sounds.

For experimenting further with chord sequences, you might find useful our chord progression generator tool

Keys with the F7 chord

The most common keys we will find with the F7 chord is the Keys of Bb, C, and F. However you will also potentially find it in some more random places depending on where the songwriter was looking for some tension leading to resolution.

You will not see F7 as often as other sevenths, unless you are playing blues in the Key of C, and then you will have plenty of F7’s.

Chords in the key of Bb major


Chords in the key of F major


Songs with the F7 guitar chord

  • The old time tune " Lazy Bones" by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer uses F7 along with a few other dominant seventh notes.
  • "Moon River" also uses a ton of sevenths including F7.

It is chord often seen in pop and jazz standards and of course in lots of blues tunes.

How to play the F7 chord on the guitar

The picture below shows the F7 tones on the guitar fretboard:

F7 chord tones on guitar fretboard

Using the tones above we can come up with some of the more popular versions of how to play the F7 chord. Usually when we play a chord we want the root note (here F) to be the lowest played bass note. Sometimes we will find a chord shape where that isn’t the case, which means the chord is an inversion. If the lowest note is A, C, or Eb instead of the F than that is an inversion .

The most common position for F7 is the barred E7 chord . A regular E7 is 020100 if we barre it and move it up one position we get 131211 :

F7 guitar chord barre shape

F7 guitar chord fingering shape 1

If you are not yet comfortable with barre chords another way to play F7 is XX3241 .

F7 guitar chord easy shape

F7 guitar chord fingering shape 2

A three string version of F7 is X878XX , a rootless three string version is XXX545 (there is no F in that position just C, Eb, and A).

F7 guitar chord 3 string shape

F7 guitar chord fingering shape 3

And a few complicated F7 chord shapes are 131241 (which is a tough barre chord) and 1X12XX which may be hard for people who aren’t that good at muting strings.

F7 guitar chord bar chord shapeF7 guitar chord fingering shape 4

f7 guitar chord tones muted string

f7 guitar chord fingering position 5