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guitar players stories We have all our favorite musicians: on this page you find the biographies of great guitarists that have overcome great difficulties. Use them to inspire you and to fuel your motivation. Here you also find interviews with guitar teachers friends of this site.

Kaki King | The new guitar Goddess

Introducing Kaki King, named by Rolling Stones The New Guitar Goddess. One of the most innovative guitar player of the last years, a genre unto herself..

Tosin Abasi | 8 strings guitar genius

This article will show you Tosin Abasi's awesome technique and style, a genius of eight strings guitar and progressive metal..

Tim Robinson Interview

Interviewing Tim Robinson, professional guitar teacher from UK.

Life against the Odds : The Story of Jason Becker

The story of the guitarist Jason Becker: hard work and resilience that take the talent and forge it into something of transcendence. .

The Father of Gipsy Jazz: Django Reinhardt

The story of Django Reinhardt, the father of gipsy jazz and a real guitar genius.

Keith Richards Open G Tuning

In this lesson you'll learn the Open G guitar tuning, one of the favorite tunings of Keith Richards. Your guitar is going to sound like a Rolling Stone!.

Angus Young's diabolical riffs

In this lesson we're going to take a look at a standard pentatonic lick in the style of Angus Young. This one is in A minor, and features the kind of aggressive bending and pentatonic playing that Angus often uses..

Online Guitar Teacher: Joe Walker interviewed on Fachords

Joe Walker from Seattle. Owner of Deft Digits Guitar Lessons. Before starting Deft Digits in 2011, he earned a Master's in jazz studies at San Diego State, performed with a variety of rock, jazz, and blues bands in southern California.....

Online Guitar Teacher: Interviewing Mike Beatham

In this article we interviewed Mister Mike Beatham, online guitar teacher from

Online Guitar Teacher: Nicole Rogers, classical guitar teacher from Australia

It has been a pleasure chatting with Nicole Rogers, classical guitar teachers and owner of the blog A great passion for the classical guitar.

Online Guitar Teacher: Interviewing Marc-André Séguin

In this article we interview the jazz guitar teacher Marc-André Séguin from

Who invented tapping on guitar? Maybe a doctor from Italy

Van Halen did NOT invent tapping on guitar. Here's an articles and a video on an italian amateur guitar players that in the sixties was used to tap his guitar with the right hand...

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