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Lessons on guitar chords, theory, construction

guitar chord tutorialsIn this section you find tutorials that will help you become a chord master. Chords are the foundation of many guitar styles, and are a mandatory topic that a guitarist should learn. To start with chords, be sure to download the Free Chords Ebook from you download area and then jump to the beginner tutorial on Electric Guitar Chords.

Online Guitar Chord Chart

guitar chords lessonsIf you want to learn new chord fingerings, be sure to check the online guitar chord dictionary, with more than 250 guitar chord charts, shown on different fretboard positions, with detailed explanation of chord structure and tones.

Diminished Guitar Chords | Diminished Triads, Half-Diminished, Dim7th

Diminished Guitar Chords | Diminished Triads, Half-Diminished, Dim7th article icon

Diminished chords often confuse guitar players, as actually there exist 3 types of those chords. This tutorial will show you how to build and to play diminished triads, half-diminished and diminished 7th chords on guitar. You'll also learn how to use them in your own songs..

How To Transpose Guitar Chords

How To Transpose Guitar Chords article icon

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to transpose chords songs in different ways: with a capo, with chords tables and with the help of the fretboard. Often we need to transpose songs in a new key to make them easier to play and sing..

Blank Guitar Chord Sheet

Blank Guitar Chord Sheet article icon

Download for free this blank guitar chord sheet and create your own guitar chord book. This blank chord chart is a PDF file in A4 paper size, ready to print out at home.

How to play guitar bar chords | 7 easy tips

Guitar Bar Chords

Learn 7 tips that will help you play bar chords on the guitar. This tutorial will show you all the tricks you need to master bar chords..

Guitar Chord Formulas

Guitar Chord Formulas article icon

On this page, you find all chord symbols and formulas shown in an intuitive chart. If you're studying music theory, jazz, or just want to understand better chords notation, this guide can help you a lot.

Electric Guitar Chords | 6 Voicings you must know

electric guitar chords finger positions

In this lesson, we're going to learn how to play 6 basic chords for electric guitar. If you know these chords, you can play many popular songs!.

How To Play Seventh Chords On Guitar

Seventh Chords On Guitar

In this tutorial, we're going to see how to play the six most common types of Seventh Chords. We'll learn how to extend basic triads to get major, minor, dominant and diminished seventh chords.

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