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Blank Guitar Chord Sheet

Download for free this blank guitar chord sheet and create your own guitar chord book. This blank chord chart is a PDF file in A4 paper size, ready to print out at home

How to intonate a guitar

This guide covers all you need to know about how to check and fix your electric guitar's intonation

50 Easy Guitar Songs | Step-by-step List

Here's the comprehensive list of song for the 'Chords for Guitar Songs' lesson series. Learn how to play songs with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 chords.

10 Classic Rock and Pop Songs with 8 chords

This article is the last of the Guitar Chords for Songs lesson series. Today we're going to introduce the Eb and Bb major chords, and learn some classic rock and pop songs.

10 love, loss and introspection guitar songs

After learning the first 5 basic chords, we're going to add the D minor to our list. This new chord brings us songs about love, sadness and introspection, but cool to learn and play as well

5 basic chords for playing 10 easy songs on guitar

Our lessons series of easy guitar songs continues. By adding the fifth chord, E minor, our set of songs to play expands. So far we can play songs with C major, G major, F major, A minor and E minor chords.

How to use a metronome with guitar

Learn how to use a metronome with your guitar effectively: in this page you'll find exercises, tips and a free online speed trainer metronome software

Easy Guitar Songs with 4 basic chords

Here are other 10 cool songs that you can play easily in front of your friends: you just need to know 4 basic chords and some basic strumming pattern

Easy songs on guitar: songs with C and G chords

This article shows you 10 easy songs that you can play with a couple of basic guitar chords. If you're looking for simple songs to learn on guitar, you'll have a lot of fun here

Beginner guitar solos

Here are 6 easy guitar solos for beginners: learn how to play solos for famous songs by The Beatles, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd and more.

How to read guitar tabs for beginners

In this lesson you're going to learn how to read a guitar tab. You'll learn the differences respect of the standard notation and you'll be able to play easy guitar tabs for beginners

Guitar Fretboard Theory | Part 2

This is the second part of the guitar fretboard theory lessons series. We're going to study thirds and fifths intervals and you'll get able to play any major and minor chord on every part of the neck

8 Guitar Arpeggios Free Pdf Ebook

This is a free pdf ebook with the most common arpeggio patterns for guitar. You'll find fingerings for major, minor, dominant seventh, major seventh, diminished and other chord qualities

4+1 tips for learning how to sing while playing guitar

Singing and playing guitar at the same time seems a daunting task. This articles shows you 4 advice for learning how to sing and play guitar at the same time (and 1 dirty trick)

Easy guitar songs for beginners

In this article we are going to learn 5 songs with easy chords: pop rock, rock, and folk examples.

What guitar pedals should I get?

This articles shows you what are the essential guitar pedals: Noise Gate, booster, equalizer, flanger, delay, chorus, reverb, compressor, distorsion, overdrive, phaser, harmonizer, octaver and tremolo

What I have learned at the Steve Vai Masterclass

Here's what Steve Vai taught us during his Masterclass in Verona, Italy. Goal settings, visualization, inner ear developing, it has been a very exciting night

Learn Flamenco Guitar Online

Learn the basics of flamenco spanish guitar online: most common scales, chord progressions, and a bit of flamenco history.

Guitar practice and natural talent

Natural talent or hard work? This article shows you what lies behind the scenes of the musical genius

The Neapolitan Scale and its chords

The Neapolitan scale on guitar: learn about its structure, chords and harmony. This scale add new exotic vibration to your sound

How to choose your first guitar

Time to choose your first guitar? Don't buy it before reading this guide. Action, intonation, woods, neck, body, tuners, electronics, you should know all this stuff for a great deal!

How to practice guitar | Guitar practice tips

In this post we will apply modern neuroscience discoveries for an effective guitar practice, in order to maximize results and effectiveness. You'll find tips and tricks on concentration, memory, rest, practice.

How to play barre chords easily?

This lesson shows you how to play a bar chord on guitar: if you have trouble with bar chords, the tips listed here will help you.

Ear Training on guitar: tools and techniques

Ear training is one of the most important skill to practice for a musician. In this post we talk about pitch recognition, interval ear training, practice software and mp3 set useful to practice ear training on the go.

Augmented and diminished triads

Guitar triads explained part 2: we're going to learn augmented and diminished triads. These kinds of triads create a dissonance and tension that must be resolved into a more relaxed chord

Improve your fretboard knowledge with one simple exercise

In this article you'll learn an amazing, quick and simple exercise that will completely turn upside-down your fretboard knowledge, and improve the way you play guitar. It's all about breaking the cage of a vertical vision of the fretboard.

Guitar triads explained

Guitar triads explained: in this article we will learn how to play triads on guitar and triads shapes and inversions, in particular for minor and major triads. Triads are a powerful weapon!

Learning to play guitar at 40

Too old to learn guitar? No! It is never too late to learn guitar. Do you have little time? Family commitments? You can learn guitar as an adult thanks to online guitar lessons.

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Find the best online guitar tutorials for beginners and intermediate: easy guitar lessons for beginners, acoustic and electric guitar courses at Guitar Tricks

Guitar Solos Lesson: the spread fingering shape

In this final part of guitar soloing lessons series, we're going to touch important concepts: how to transform pentatonic scales in diatonic sequences, playing spread fingering shapes, and get a basic understanding of the modes.

Guitar Solo Exercises with the Blues Scale

In today’s lesson you'll expand your scale knowledge and you'll make your soloing abilities more multi-faceted. You'll also learn how to combine major and minor pentatonic scales and some smart exercises

5 essential skills to play a great guitar solo

Soloing lessons series Part 2: in this lesson we'll start to develop the 5 most important skills required to play a good guitar solo and we'll introduce the first scale that every lead guitar player must know.

Guitar Circle of Fifths Pdf

Here's a guitar pdf useful to master music theory: it contains the guitar neck notes maps of each musical key, visualized following the circle of fifth. A great visual aid to learn guitar the serious way

Guitar solo lessons for beginners

Beginner guitar solo lessons series: this set of articles will give you a thorough understanding of what it takes to become fluid as a solo guitar player and play lead guitar parts

How to write your chord progressions

Writing a song is simply a creative building process. Here are some suggestion to help you create your own chord progressions

How to make your chord progressions more interesting

We are going to continue our discussion of chord progressions, diving into some more complicated concepts with our chords: secondary dominant, substitution, modulation

Chord Progressions | The Nashville Number System

Before we get into some of the basic chord progressions in modern music, let's discuss some points on notation. The Nashville Numbering System is a method of denoting chord letter symbols by using roman numerals. For example let’s say we take one of the more common progressions known as the I-IV-V, or the 1-4-5

Guitar rhythm strumming patterns

Make your audience feel the rhythm: learn how to strum chords on guitar with rhythm patterns, beat and syncopation

Songs with the same chord progression

In this article you'll learn how to play a number of songs with the same chord progressions. Learn the most common chord progressions composed of four easy guitar chords.

A lesson with John March, Ted Greene’s dedicated student

The past week I had the honor and the pleasure to take a lesson with John March, Ted Greene’s dedicated student. Here's what happened

Life against the Odds : The Story of Jason Becker

The story of the guitarist Jason Becker: hard work and resilience that take the talent and forge it into something of transcendence. "We live thinking we will never die, we die thinking we have never lived. Cut it out!"

The Father of Gipsy Jazz: Django Reinhardt

The story of Django Reinhardt, the father of gipsy jazz and a real guitar genius

Minor Pentatonic Scales First Position

Spice up your riffs with easy Open Position Runs! Video lessons with explanations and tabs

Guitar chords for visually impaired

This page has been created for blind and visually impaired guitarist. It contains the basic chords structures represented in plain text. A blind person can learn about the right fingers position through a screen reader software.

Jamplay Vs GuitarTricks Online Lessons Review

Analyzing and comparing Jamplay and GuitarTricks online guitar lessons: lessons quality, free trials, money back period, membership plans, pros and cons.

Chords In Keys Pdf Music Theory Sheet

Here's a pdf cheat sheet to download with chords built from the major scales and the harmonic mìnor scale of each musical key. Useful to study music theory, chords progressions, modulation.

All about Chord Progressions

The most important things you will learn about playing guitar will be chord progressions. Mastering chord progressions is an essential skill all guitar players. This lessos is all about chord progressions.

Guitar Theory Pdf | Advanced Guitar Chords

Free guitar theory pdf ebook: advanced guitar chords. Chords are not static shape to memorize and repeat, but you can create and adapt them on the fly. Know your fretboard intervals and you'll know your chords.

How to Find a Good Guitar for Beginners

If it’s a cool new electric guitar you crave, then here’s how you can find one for reasonably cheap.

Guitar Parts Names | Acoustic and Electric

In this lesson, we're going to learn the guitar parts names, how they work and how to take care of your instrument.

Blues Scale Basics

Blues scales! we are going to expand upon that by adding a new note to the Pentatonic Scale, and give you some more techniques to work on, that will make your riffs much more dynamic.

Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar

Heavy Metal Guitar exercises: rhythm, palm muting, string skipping, accents and speed bursts

Guitar Techniques: Down Picking Endurance Exercises

Learn downpicking techniques using a riff from "Ovum", a song by Emil Werstler's own band Daath..

Guitar Scales Exercises: Left and Right Hand Synchronization

In this lesson, we are going to show you some exercises to help get your left and right hands coordinated, as well as increasing your speed

Learning to play chords | Open Chords

A beginner lesson about basic guitar chords: learn how to play chords in open position, change them smoothly, chords qualities.

How to play an A chord on guitar | Beginner Lesson

In this lesson we're going to learn how to play an A major chord. You'll find a full video lesson with instructions on proper fingerings, hands posture and basic strumming.

Introduction To Finger-Picking

Lesson on acoustic guitar fingerpicking. Finger-picking is good to learn to branch out into Spanish Classical, Jazz, Country and bluegrass guitar.

Keith Richards Open G Tuning

In this lesson you'll learn the Open G guitar tuning, one of the favorite tunings of Keith Richards. Your guitar is going to sound like a Rolling Stone!

Angus Young's diabolical riffs

In this lesson we're going to take a look at a standard pentatonic lick in the style of Angus Young. This one is in A minor, and features the kind of aggressive bending and pentatonic playing that Angus often uses.

Introduction To 12-Bar Blues

Introducing the blues. The classic 12 bar blues chords and the poetic format that blues lyrics typically follow are explained.

Guitar Warm Up Exercises

Guitar warm-up: learn exercises that build muscle and dexterity.

GarageBand: Music creation studio inside your Mac

GarageBand is a music creation software for Mac OS X and iOS. It is developed by Apple Inc. GarageBand is included as part of iLife application suite (also including iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and iWeb) intended to simplify the creation and organization of digital content. After the launch of Apple's Mac App Store, GarageBand is made available on Mac App Store independently.

Steinberg Cubase: Music Production Software for Mac OS & Windows

Cubase is a Digital Audio Workstation developed by German musical software and equipment company Steinberg for music sequencing, recording, arranging, editing and mixing. Cubase provides you all the advanced tools you need to record multi-track audio and MIDI, edit, mix and master your music.

Transcribe! Software to help transcribe recorded music

Transcribe! is a program designed to assist musicians for transcribing music. Transcribe! is widely used by musicians all over the world to work with music recordings. It is also used by many people for play-along practice.

Recording Your Guitar: Reaper, multi-track audio and MIDI recording tool

REAPER (Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording) is a digital audio workstation developed by Cockos. It is powerful application for complete multi-track audio and MIDI recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

12 bar blues guitar improvisation

Improvising over a 12 bar blues. Here are the minor pentatonic scale, the blues minor scale, and the mixolydian scale applied to a D7 G7 A7 blues progression.

Online Guitar Teacher: Joe Walker interviewed on Fachords

Joe Walker from Seattle. Owner of Deft Digits Guitar Lessons. Before starting Deft Digits in 2011, he earned a Master's in jazz studies at San Diego State, performed with a variety of rock, jazz, and blues bands in southern California....

Guitar Chords Symbols Notation

Here's a quick reference with all guitar chords symbols and the musical degrees composing them. Major chords, minor, augmented, seventh, ninth, dominant, and more

Online Guitar Teacher: Interviewing Mike Beatham

In this article we interviewed Mister Mike Beatham, online guitar teacher from

Online Guitar Teacher: Nicole Rogers, classical guitar teacher from Australia

It has been a pleasure chatting with Nicole Rogers, classical guitar teachers and owner of the blog A great passion for the classical guitar

Online Guitar Teacher: Interviewing Marc-André Séguin

In this article we interview the jazz guitar teacher Marc-André Séguin from

Online Guitar Teacher: Klaus Crow from GuitarHabits

We interviewed the guitar teacher Klaus Crow. We talked about online guitar lessons, remote teaching through skype, guitar software/apps and guitar practice.

Heavy Metal lyrics and Natural Language Processing

A bit of natural language processing applied to some heavy metal lyrics. Manowar, Iron Maiden and Slayer in machine learning sauce..

Heavy Metal Ear Training | Guitar interval ear training

Guitar ear training: the key to become a great improviser. Memorize the sound of musical intervals and find them on the fretboard by using a list of famous heavy metal riff as reference.

Recording Guitar Tricks: Synth Guitar

A synth guitar can be matched with computer programs for ease of recording and other creative uses.

Recording Guitar | Using Amplitube in Cubase

Amplitube and Cubase Everyone’s dream of a fully loaded recording studio is different. For guitar players like you and me, a recording studio stocked with every amp and effect we can fathom is a perfect scenario. Like anything else in life, however, this unfortunately takes a lot of time and money. ...

Free Guitar Scales Pdf | 84 Scale and Arpeggios Chart

Free Pdf Ebook to download: 84 guitar scales and arpeggios patterns. Major and minor scales, modals, diminished, triads and seventh arpeggios, exotic scales, and much more

Chordpulse | Backing Tracks Software

Chordpulse backing tracks software review. This article describes Chordpulse and its features

Custom Backing Tracks | Improvise with your guitar

Play over backing tracks helps you improve your improvisation skills. There are some custom backing tracks software that let you play with a virtual band.

Using MIDI to record your guitar | Midi guitar explained

MIDI allows access to virtually any sound ever recorded through your guitar. Let’s learn a little about the differences between MIDI and everyday audio recording.

Recording guitar | How to connect your guitar to your computer

Connecting your guitar to your computer: here's some equipment that helps convert the signal from your guitar pickups to your home recording workstation.

How to Remove the Lead Guitar from Songs (and Become a Better Guitar Player)

How to Remove the Lead Guitar? Wimbo Music is an app that lets you remove the lead guitar from a song

The Ten Key Elements of Real Guitar Practice

Focus on different aspects of guitar practicing: incorporating these 10 key elements into your workout will improve your skills tremendously in many areas.

Guitar music theory: chords from major scale and relative minor

Guitar music theory: learn the harmonization of the major scale. Here you can find a free online webapp that teaches you the harmonization of the major scale and the relative minor scale in all music keys.

Free Guitar Pdf Ebook - 40 Exotic Guitar Scales Patterns

Here's a free pdf ebook with 40 exotic guitar scales patterns. Add new flavours to your guitar sound with indian scales, japanese scales, arabian scales, bizantine, jewish, neapolitan and other strange and uncommon guitar scales.

Chordpulse Backing Tracks Generator | Complete tutorial

Chordpulse backing tracks software tutorial. This tutorial will take you through a few basic steps on how to use ChordPulse, and walk you through setting up a basic chord progression for you to play your guitar along with.

Audacity | Free Guitar Recording Software

An introduction to Audacity, free guitar recording software. The Photoshop for musicians! powerful and fun, easy to use.

Guitar Pro | Guitar tabs software

A brief introduction to Guitar Pro, a guitar tablature software that helps learn songs through guitar tabs. You either create your own tracks along with their tabs or you can download the millions of tabs that are out there. Check it out!

Ik Multimedia Amplitube | Guitar amp and effects software

Ik Multimedia Amplitube emulates via software a real guitar amp and microphone setup with a complete pedal chain and a number of handy add-ons. The sound quality is great. You can have all your guitar gear in your computer.

This Trick Will Help You Remember All The Guitar Scales You Need

This article will help you remember all the guitar scales you need. You'll learn pentatonic, major and minor scales with the help of Fachords Guitar Scales Generator, a free online tool that shows you scales pattern of the guitar fretboard.

The circle of fifths on guitar

The circle of fifths is a way to organize musical keys in a logical way. Starting from the C key tonality, that has no accidents, following the circle sharps or flats are added. This article will help you learn the circle of fifths on guitar through diagrams created with Fachords Guitar Scales Generator.

Tube guitar preamp: multi-channels and programmable guitar preamps

Here's an introduction on the different kinds of tube guitar preamps: multi-channels and programmable guitar preamps. Learn the differences and peculiarities.

The Best Way to Learn Scales for Guitar

Here's a complete tutorial on Fachords Guitar Scales Generator, a free tool designed for intermediate guitar players who want to learn scales and arpeggios along all fretboard in different fingering configurations

147 Interval Ear Training Mp3 | Functional Ear Training

Here you can find a set of mp3 useful to practice functional ear training on the go. You can put them on your mp3 player and practice interval ear training when you are outside. Free download.

276 guitar pdf chords chart reference | Pdf to print out

Free pdf ebook to download: 276 Guitar chords charts reference. Open positions, movable patterns, minor, major, dominant, augmented and diminished triads and other types of chords.

Guitar fretboard Theory | Part 1

In this series of articles you'll learn guitar fretboard theory and geometry, understanding how it works and how to memorize the notes in an easy way

Jazz improvisation online course

jazz improvisation online course at

How to develop vibrato on guitar

Here's a trick about how to develop a good vibrato on guitar. In this article we will use a free software to verify our vibrato in a scientific way :-)

Develop speed on guitar

Guitar speed practice tips. Build speed and accuracy in 10 days. You will increase your guitar speed using this free online software.

What is a guitar amplifier?

Here starts our understanding vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. We start from the very beginning. What is a guitar amplifier? Learn the different kinds of guitar amplifiers.

Who invented tapping on guitar? Maybe a doctor from Italy

Van Halen did NOT invent tapping on guitar. Here's an articles and a video on an italian amateur guitar players that in the sixties was used to tap his guitar with the right hand..

8 exotic guitar scales | Add some spice to your guitar sound with exotic scales

A complete list of exotic scales with guitar tabs and audio. Indian, japanese, neapolitan, persian, byzantine, arabian scales

Online Guitar Lessons Guide:

Best online guitar lessons guide

Check out the new guide for the best online guitar lessons. Everything you need to know about guitar learning systems, instructors and best strategies. Free video lessons included. Find the lessons for you here

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