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Free Video Lessons Search Engine: how this tool works

This tool allows you to search quickly the best free online guitar lessons on the Internet. Want to know more chords, soloing, or music theory? Just enter in the form above your request and click the button.

A list of related video lessons will be retrieved for you. It's like Youtube, but only with the top guitar lesson videos for beginners|intermediate|advanced guitar players!

We are slowly expanding the software tool to search many guitar lesson sites, but at the moment the most hits your search will receive will be for GuitarTricks and Jamplay video tutorials.

This searching tool allows for a great approach to not only finding what you need, but also discovering new lessons that you may have never thought to try!

This works great for creative discovery and also for finding all the lessons for a specific genre. Do you love Rockabilly? By using the tool above you can find many lessons and songs that you may have missed if you were just looking on each individual website. If you are trying to decide between GuitarTricks or JamPlay, give this software search tool a try and see which site has more lessons for what you like. This software is also a work in progress, over time more lessons from other sites will be added.

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