Guitar Chord Progressions Lessons

How to put chords together and play songs

chord progressions tutorials This section unveils the secrets of why some chords play well together . Learn the most used chord sequences, and how to tweak them to create new ideas and unique songs. You'll learn about secondary dominants, borrowed chords, key modulation, and a magic tool called the Circle Of Fifths , an ingenious device that embeds all the music theory you need.

For better understanding chord progressions, be sure to download the Chords in Keys reference pdf from your download area.

#1 The Most Common Chord Progressions and how to tweak them

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This lesson focuses on the most common chord progressions: learn how to use them and how to tweak them with modulation, borrowed chords and secondary dominants. Read article

#2 Time Signature and Meters: a beginner guide

Time signature for guitar players

This tutorial will give you an overview of the most common time signatures and how to count measure meters.. Read article

#3 How To Write Sad Songs on Guitar

sad songs chord progressions

This post shows you a list of chord progressions that create an emotional and sad feeling. Try them on your guitar!. Read article

#4 Unusual chords progressions

Unusual chords progressions article icon

In this Questions & Answers post 11 guitar teachers share their favorite unusual chord progressions. You'll learn new chord sequences that will make your song more interesting.. Read article

#5 The Nashville Number Vs Roman Numerals System

The Nashville Number System article icon

This article shows you how the Nashville Number and Roman Numeral Systems work. This are useful tricks for denoting chord progressions, transposing songs, improvisation, that you can learn easily and fastly.. Read article

#6 Songs with the same chord progression

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In this article you'll learn how to play a number of songs with the same chord progressions. Learn the most common chord progressions composed of four easy guitar chords.. Read article