Guitar Practice Routine Lessons

Tips and strategies for maximizing your training sessions

guitar practice and routine lessonsThere are many elements that create a good guitar practice routine. The tools of the trade come first, so metronome and tuner are your best friends. There, there are useful strategies that help you maximize the outcome of your practice sessions. In the following lessons you'll learn how to apply memory and neuroscience to the learning process.

How much do guitar lessons cost | Lessons prices survey

Wondering how much you should pay for a guitar lessons? There are different factors to take in account: your experience level, the genres you'd like to learn, the kind of lessons (in-person or online). This survey will show you how much guitar lessons cost.

Greatest AHA moments

11 guitar teachers share their greatest 'aha' moments on guitar. In this article you'll learn about very useful insights and intuitions that will help you with guitar practice..

How to use a metronome with guitar

Learn how to use a metronome with your guitar effectively: in this page you'll find exercises, tips and a free online speed trainer metronome software.

What I have learned at the Steve Vai Masterclass

Here's what Steve Vai taught us during his Masterclass in Verona, Italy. Goal settings, visualization, inner ear developing, it has been a very exciting night.

Guitar practice and natural talent

Natural talent or hard work? This article shows you what lies behind the scenes of the musical genius.

How to practice guitar | Guitar practice tips

In this post we will apply modern neuroscience discoveries for an effective guitar practice, in order to maximize results and effectiveness. You'll find tips and tricks on concentration, memory, rest, practice..

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