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Tips and strategies for maximizing your guitar training

guitar metronome tools Here you have started your journey with the guitar, you have already purchased one, or it is one the way! There are a few important tools of the trade to help you with your playing. One of the most important is the tuner.

These days they have a variety of tuners and in fact many smartphones have apps for tuning specific instruments. I personally use a decent tuning app that way it is always on my smartphone or tablet ready when I need it. Some guitars these days even have tuners built into them and actually do the tuning for you! However, these are of course very expensive. A good tuner will help you get your guitar ready to play and it will also help you when restringing.

Speaking of strings, most manufacturers do not send or sell the guitar with the best set of strings. They are out to make a profit so they usually put the cheapest strings they can. I have a rule, whenever I buy a new instrument I immediately put a set of the best strings I can find on it. This takes a little research and perhaps asking others on a guitar forum, but great strings make a great sound.

Another great tool is the metronome, such a simple little device that will help you practice your speed and timing. Again like the tuner they have hardware metronomes and software or apps available.

Once again we suggest to use a great metronome app so that it is always available when you need it. We have developed a free rhythmic station software with the biggest variety of time signatures, meters, and speeds.

You will also want to stock up on tablature and sheet music, tablature is of course easier for the guitar beginner if you have no experience in reading music.

Keep in mind that tablature is limited in how much information it can provide about the song. There are specific books about tablature and of course a million free links online. The free tabs online are not always correct so you have to listen carefully if you go for that option, certain guitar websites are more popular than others because they have better quality tabs.

Other tools you may need are picks, finger picks, slide bars, capos to change key, and of course cleaning items. As you progress in your guitar playing it is fun to try new pick styles and slides, these allow you to really change your sound and explore new techniques.

And of course you should always have a good cleaner and cloth, after all if you made the right decision in buying a nice guitar, you want it to remain nice forever! (In fact as you progress on your guitar road trip, you should watch videos of basic guitar maintenance, that way you will always be ready to fix any minor problems).

When you start learning a new skill, such as playing the guitar, it's really important to adopt the correct strategies for an effective practice and for reaching your goals as much as possible easily.

We can take advantage of the modern neuroscience research for better understanding how learning and memory processes work.

And what about talent? Is it a myth or you have really to be gifted for becoming a guitar hero? Check the links below to find out more, you'll be surprised!

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